Trigger a Flow from anywhere you can add HTML even OUTLOOK
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Jul 10, 2023 12:30 PM

Trigger a Flow from anywhere you can add HTML even OUTLOOK

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#powerautomate #PowerPlatform Welcome to our tutorial on Power Automate Cloud Flows! In this video, we delve into the practical application of triggering

This tutorial discusses the effective use of Power Automate Cloud Flows. Users are instructed on how to trigger a cloud flow via a simple HTML button press. The guide covers the steps to set up a cloud flow and connect it to an HTML button, making task automation easy and efficient. This tutorial is ideal for those desirous of automating tasks directly from their websites. By the end, users should be equipped to incorporate this powerful functionality in their own projects. This process underscores the potential of Power Automate Cloud Flows and the convenience of actions triggered by buttons.

  • 0:00 Start
  • 0:44 Demo of the solution
  • 5:08 Create the HTML form
  • 6:23 Get some help from ChatGPT
  • 8:56 Create the flow trigger when an HTTP Request is received
  • 15:50 Parse JSON
  • 16:59 Having multiple parameters
  • 19:56 Troubleshooting an error
  • 23:54 Adding multiple buttons
  • 24:18 Creating buttons in Outlook

Delving Deeper into Power Automate Cloud Flows

Power Automate Cloud Flows offer a versatile tool for automating tasks directly from a webpage. By triggering a flow with an HTML button, users can streamline their workload efficiently. Setting up the cloud flow and linking it to an HTML button is a straightforward process. It paves the way for practical applications like creating specific triggers when an HTTP request is received or parsing JSON. The tutorial also provides guidance on troubleshooting errors and integrating multiple buttons for diverse commands.

Learn about Trigger a Flow from anywhere you can add HTML even OUTLOOK

This tutorial will teach you how to use Power Automate Cloud Flows to trigger an action with a simple HTML button press. You will learn how to set up a cloud flow, link it to an HTML button, and use it to automate tasks from webpages. Additionally, you will learn how to parse JSON, troubleshoot errors, and create multiple buttons. By the end of the tutorial, you will have the knowledge to implement this powerful feature into your own projects.

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