Enhance Productivity: Microsoft Loop Integrates Trello
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May 10, 2024 4:38 AM

Enhance Productivity: Microsoft Loop Integrates Trello

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Boost Project Management: Trello & Microsoft Loop Unite for Seamless Collaboration

Key insights


  • Trello Integrates with Microsoft Loop: Now, users can manage Trello boards directly within Microsoft Loop for streamlined tasks and team activities.
  • Simple Integration Process: Users can easily import Trello boards to Microsoft Loop by accessing the Loop portal, adding Trello boards, authenticating, and importing boards with up to 200 cards.
  • Enhanced Board Features: The integration supports drag and drop, real-time sync, and shared access, enhancing project management and collaboration within Microsoft Loop.
  • Improved Workflow Across Platforms: Trello boards can be transformed into Microsoft Loop components, allowing them to be used in other apps like Teams and Outlook.
  • Specific Requirements for Use: The integration is available for official work or school Microsoft 365 accounts, with necessary IT and admin settings adjustments for optimal experience.

Exploring the Trello Integration with Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop and Trello have come together in an exciting integration that promises to revolutionize the way teams manage projects and collaborate. This integration allows users to seamlessly sync and manage their Trello boards within Microsoft Loop, making it easier to keep all tasks and team activities in one place. Not only does it streamline project management, but it also improves workflow between different platforms. Users can now transform their Trello boards into Microsoft Loop components, further enhancing collaboration by utilizing these components in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. 

Here’s how you can integrate Trello with Microsoft Loop:

  • Accessing Microsoft Loop: Go to the Loop portal and either open an existing page or create a new one.
  • Adding Trello Boards: Type '/' and select Trello from the dropdown under 'Other apps'. Click on the 'Proceed' button on the 'Use Trello in Loop' page.
  • Authentication: Sign in to your Trello account and allow read/write access by selecting the 'Allow' button.
  • Importing Boards: Choose the Trello board you want to import and click on the 'Import' button. Note that you can import a board with up to 200 cards.

Features of the Trello Board in Microsoft Loop:

  • Board Interactions: You can drag and drop cards across swim lanes, add or change members and due dates, and open cards in Detail view.
  • Real-Time Sync: Any changes made either in Microsoft Loop or on Trello.com are synchronized almost instantly.
  • Access and Permissions: All users with access to the Loop page can view the imported Trello board. Those without authentication or proper access will have read-only access until they log in or obtain the necessary permissions.

Enhanced Integration:

  • You can turn your Trello board into a Microsoft Loop component, which can then be used in other supported apps like Teams and Outlook by copying and linking the component.

Requirements and Availability:

  • Account Type: This integration requires an official work or school account and is not available to personal Microsoft 365 accounts.
  • IT and Admin Settings: Ensure the Optional Connected Experience is enabled in Microsoft Loop settings or check with your IT admin if there are issues. For Atlassian, approval may be needed for third-party integrations from the Atlassian admin console.

This integration aims to simplify how you manage projects by integrating your favorite project management tools into a single, collaborative workspace.

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Loop - Enhance Productivity: Microsoft Loop Integrates Trello


People also ask

Is Microsoft Loop like Trello?

Microsoft Loop could be considered a highly enhanced version of OneNote, infused with elements reminiscent of Trello boards. For those unfamiliar, Trello boards serve as a visual tool designed to facilitate the monitoring of project advancements and task completions, functioning similarly to a digital bulletin board.

Does Trello integrate with Microsoft?

Integration between Trello and Microsoft Teams is seamless, with the Trello application linking Trello Workspaces directly with those within Microsoft Teams. By default, Trello is activated within Microsoft Teams, making it readily accessible across all team environments.

What is the best use of Microsoft Loop?

Optimal applications of Microsoft Loop involve leveraging it as a collaborative platform where ideas, research, and feedback can be pooled together by team members. It's ideal for document collaboration, creation of visual content, and for enhancing brainstorming sessions with rich inputs.

What does Microsoft Loop replace?

The introduction of Microsoft Loop marks it as the apparent next evolution of OneNote, with Microsoft presenting it as its successor. While Loop maintains core similarities to OneNote, it distinguishes itself by offering a broader spectrum of features, notably the inclusion of embedded Office components, enhancing its functionality and utility.



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