Sep 28, 2022 12:00 AM

Top 5 tips to improve your Data viz skills

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Data Visualization is an important skill to be a GREAT Data Analyst. In this short video (inspired from my recent live stream), let me reveal the top 5 tips.

In this Video

  1. Learn about Designing
  2. Learn about data viz choices
  3. Experiment
  4. Replicate what you see
  5. Audience first

How the tax burden has changed over the years – Excellent chart by NYTimes & Redoing it in Excel

If I need some charting inspiration, I always visit New York Times. Their interactive visualizations are some of the best you can find anywhere. Clear, beautifully crafted and powerful. Long time readers of knew that I like to learn from visualizations in NY Times & redo them using Excel.

Video chapters:


  • Why Dataviz skills matter?
  • Learn about Designing
  • Learn about the choices & concepts
  • Experiment
  • Replication
  • Put your audience first

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