Top 10 Triggers for Power Automate Connectors 2023
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Nov 24, 2023 4:00 AM

Top 10 Triggers for Power Automate Connectors 2023

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Welcome to this training tutorial titled "Top 10 Power Automate Connectors Triggers." We will be discussing some of the best Power Automate connector triggers. These triggers are essential for a variety of automated tasks.



Top 10 Power Automate Connectors Triggers

Welcome to this Power Automate training tutorial titled "Top 10 Power Automate Connectors Triggers". We will be discussing some of the best power automate connector triggers including:

1. Flow Button for Mobile

Power Automate's Flow Button for Mobile is a versatile tool that puts the power of automation in your hand. This handy connector empowers you to create mobile buttons that trigger flows with a single tap, enabling you to execute complex tasks on the go. Whether you're in the field, in a meeting, or simply away from your desk, Power Automate ensures you're always in control.

2. Schedule

Power Automate's Schedule connector is your dependable timekeeper, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks at specific intervals. By configuring schedules, you can ensure that your workflows run like clockwork. Whether it's daily reports, weekly reminders, or monthly updates, this connector ensures that your processes are triggered precisely when they need to be, reducing manual intervention and increasing efficiency.

3. Run a Flow from Co-Pilot

Co-Pilot, within Power Automate, is your intelligent assistant that can automatically execute flows based on specific conditions. This connector takes your workflow automation to the next level, as it doesn't just respond to predefined schedules or manual triggers; it adapts dynamically to your business needs. Co-Pilot ensures that your processes are initiated exactly when conditions are met, making your workflows smarter and more responsive.

4. Office 365 Outlook - Shared Mailbox

Collaborative work often involves shared resources, and Office 365 Outlook Shared Mailbox Connector is the bridge that connects your shared mailbox with your automation processes. With this connector, you can set up automated actions to take place when new emails arrive in a shared mailbox. This enhances team collaboration, streamlines communication, and reduces response time.

5. Microsoft Forms - When a New Response is Submitted

For organizations that rely on data collection and surveys, the Microsoft Forms connector is a game-changer. This connector allows you to initiate workflows when new responses are submitted through Microsoft Forms. Whether it's customer feedback, employee surveys, or any other data collection form, this connector automates the processing of responses.

6. SharePoint - When an Item is Created

SharePoint is a central hub for document and data management, and the SharePoint connector in Power Automate adds an extra layer of automation. This connector lets you set up triggers that activate workflows when new items are created in SharePoint.

7. Zendesk - When an Item is Created

Customer support and ticket management are vital aspects of many businesses, and the Zendesk connector in Power Automate streamlines these operations. This connector allows you to trigger workflows when new items or support tickets are created in Zendesk. It means you can respond to customer requests or support issues promptly and consistently.

8. Cognito Forms - When a New Entry is Created

The Cognito Forms connector is your solution for automating form entry processing. By setting up triggers based on new entries in Cognito Forms, you can automate the handling of form submissions, making it easier to process and store data. This connector simplifies your data management tasks and ensures that all entries are handled efficiently and consistently.

9. Power Apps - Button

Power Apps are renowned for their flexibility in creating custom applications, and the Power Apps Button connector brings this flexibility to your automation workflows. This connector allows you to use Power Apps buttons to initiate actions such as HTTP calls to fetch and update data. For example, you can set up a button to make an HTTP call to retrieve the latest sales cost data in real-time, empowering you with up-to-the-minute insights for better decision-making.

10. Microsoft Bookings - When an Appointment is Created

Microsoft Bookings is your online scheduling solution, and the Microsoft Bookings connector in Power Automate enhances its capabilities. This connector enables you to trigger actions when appointments are created, such as sending messages to teams or creating tasks. With this connector, you can automate your appointment booking system and associated tasks, ensuring that your team stays coordinated and your customers receive a seamless experience.


This tutorial covered the top 10 Power Automate connectors, each offering unique automation capabilities. From mobile triggers, scheduling, and intelligent workflow initiation, to email management, data collection, and appointment automation, these connectors enhance productivity and efficiency. Power Automate's diverse connectors ensure streamlined workflows and smarter operations across various business functions.