Microsoft Build 2023: Key Insights on Power Platform Updates
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Build 2023
Sep 15, 2022 6:00 AM

Microsoft Build 2023: Key Insights on Power Platform Updates

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Unlock your thoughts on Power Platform developments from Microsoft Build 2023 – AI takes center stage!

The new Microsoft Power Platform updates, announced at the Build 2023 event, have sparked a fresh wave of excitement in the tech community. The emphasis this year leans heavily towards the incorporation of AI and Co-pilots into the platform. Two factors make this development particularly significant. The first is that Microsoft, along with OpenAI, is leading the charge in this arena. The second is the vast scope of practical applications for Large Language Models available to streamline and enhance our productivity. Find out more here.

Before diving into updates concerning the Power Platform, our attention is directed towards advancements in the Data Platform sphere. Microsoft has unveiled Fabric, which combines the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory into a unified platform. Also, Power BI is set to house an exceptionally powerful Co-pilot.

Co-pilots serve as efficiency boosters whilst building apps or automating processes. They don’t eliminate the necessity to learn, rather they facilitate and accelerate the learning process. The user is urged to keep evolving their approach to effectively harness the increasing capabilities of these productivity tools.

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Copilots use AI to stimulate creativity, automate cognitive tasks, generate content, and influence user experiences. Specifically, the Cloud Flow Copilot proves beneficial when structured tasks are detailed upfront. The upcoming Co-pilot inside the Cloud Flow designer promises to heighten productivity levels even further.

Power Virtual Agents, part of the Build 2023 update, are equipped with a new authoring experience that has undergone significant enhancements over the past year. Compatible with multiple languages, these Agents have added generative answers and actions capabilities, broadening the range of their functions.

Dataverse Accelerator, an experimental tool launched by the Power Customer Advisory Team, offers the potential to take your low-code skills and implement logic on the table level. This offers a thrilling prospect for developers accustomed to working with low-code mandates.

Emphasising continuous progress, Microsoft is actively exploring alternative routes through Accelerators, Starting Kits, Creator Kits, and Collaboration Controls. Simultaneously, it is nurturing close ties with customers and the tech community to garner practical insights to refine and enrich these features.

Lastly, the focus shifts to the Build event co-pilots. The "Windows Copilot" is anticipated to help summarize lengthy posts, which aligns with the trend favoring AI integration. The extensive AI developments hold promising potential, but will require strategic, user-centric application to achieve maximal benefits.

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Build 2023 - Microsoft Build 2023: Key Insights on Power Platform Updates

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The recent news from the Microsoft Build 2023 conference placed an emphasis on AI and co-pilot technologies. Among these, the Power Platform received notable updates, enriching Microsoft's digital offerings and continuing the trend towards digitization and automation.

Diving into the specifics, the successful collaboration of Microsoft with OpenAI pointed towards significant strides in Large Language Models. Evidently, this progression aims to improve everyday life, offering plentiful applications which extend their benefits to users of the Power Platform.

Furthermore, an astounding revelation was Microsoft's release of the Fabric preview. With a focus on integrating the best from Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory into one platform, it's aiming to bridge the gap between data and analytics in every organization. Satya Nadella termed this as, "The biggest data product announcement since SQL Server.", reaffirming the importance of keeping an eye on Fabric, particularly with the incorporation of an impressive Copilot in Power BI.

  • Copilots Everywhere
    With Copilots becoming ubiquitous, their significance and benefits become increasingly clear. These Coat them as a tool to boost efficiency in creation and to enhance productivity.

  • Low code has a Copilot
    Features like Power Automate Cloud Flows can be designed iteratively, and a new Copilot helps streamline this process.

  • Power FX Dataverse Plugins
    An introduction was also made of the Dataverse Accelerator which encourages creating custom plugins using Power FX.

  • Bot Building
    Changes were also seen with Power Virtual Agents like the new authoring experience and generative answers feature.

  • Generative Actions in Power Virtual Agents
    Another addition was plugins in Power Virtual Agents which allow the Bot to decide on the required action.

Presently, advancements in AI and copilot frameworks are revolutionizing the process of content creation. However, the capacity to encapsulate the dynamism and essence of digital technology improvements is impressive and warrants ongoing attention and interest.

The availability of the Windows Copilot would potentially make documenting insights from a conference, such as Microsoft Build what with a slight twinge of irony, could be used to summarize the further advancements in AI technology. This concept might seem strange or even redundant, to have AI summarize a discussion about AI, though this hints at the vast potentials these technologies bring to us. Nonetheless, it reinforces the idea that a new era of machine learning and AI technology is taking the world by storm. The contributions that Microsoft and OpenAI have on this technological landscape will, no doubt, bring interesting and exciting developments.

Hence, it's apparent that we're amidst a volatile yet fascinating time in the tech industry. Undeniably, news like these from Microsoft's event evidences how AI technology and co-pilots are restructuring our reality. It's a ride that promises significant advancements and transformations, shaping our future landscape in unimaginable ways.

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May 25, 2023 — After digesting the news from Microsoft Build 2023 I gathered my thoughts. Get my insights on what I found most interesting!
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New Blogpost! I've gathered my thoughts about the news from Microsoft Build. Focused on the Power Platform of course, but also some Data Platform mixed in.


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