New SharePoint Brand Center Launch: Boost Your Brand Now!
SharePoint Online
May 6, 2024 1:00 PM

New SharePoint Brand Center Launch: Boost Your Brand Now!

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Unlock the Power of Branding: Master SharePoints Brand Center Preview!

Key insights

  • Introduction of the SharePoint Brand Center, currently available in preview release.
  • Guide on setting up and configuring custom fonts in SharePoint through the Brand Center.
  • Steps include deployment, configuration, uploading fonts, applying fonts, creating font packages, and applying font packages.
  • Discussion on the limitations and future features of the SharePoint Brand Center.
  • Resources and professional engagement offer for further assistance with the Brand Center.

Exploring the SharePoint Brand Center

The SharePoint Brand Center represents a significant leap in the customization capabilities offered to users of SharePoint Online. By allowing the integration of custom fonts, it not only enhances the visual appeal of the digital workspace but also ensures brand consistency across the board. The process, as indicated, involves various steps starting from the initial deployment to the application of font packages, each designed to make customization as seamless as possible. While the Brand Center is still in its preview release, it promises exciting possibilities for organizations looking to further align their digital presence with their brand identity. Additionally, the mention of limitations and future features points towards an evolving tool that SharePoint users can look forward to, with potential updates enhancing its utility and ease of use. The availability of professional services for assistance underscores the commitment to providing support for users aiming to leverage the Brand Center to its fullest potential.

The Introduction to SharePoint Online's Brand Center

SharePoint Online recently introduced the Brand Center, a key feature allowing users to customize their Sharepoint environment with custom fonts. This significant update aims to enhance branding and visual coherence across company pages and documents within the platform. Steve Corey's YouTube video provides a thorough walkthrough, helping users understand how to effectively set up and utilize this new feature.

Setting up the Brand Center

The video kicks off by explaining what the Brand Center is and why it's a game-changer for SharePoint Online users. Following that, it delves into the detailed process of deploying the Brand Center, highlighting its ease of access for SharePoint administrators. Core details on configuration settings, including step-by-step guidance on uploading and applying custom fonts, are presented, making the process accessible even for those not deep into IT.

Advanced Features and Future Additions

Creative possibilities expand as the video explains how to create font packages that can be applied across various SharePoint sites. Despite the innovative step forward, the video also addresses current limitations and anticipates future feature releases. This balance provides viewers with a rounded understanding of the Brand Center's capabilities and potential roadmap.


Steve Corey's video is not just a tutorial but an insight into the expanded customization SharePoint now offers through its Brand Center. It’s a must-watch for administrators and designers looking to elevate their organization's digital workspace appearance. As the feature is in preview release, feedback appears to be a vital component of its development, making community engagement more crucial than ever.

Exploring the Impact of Improved Branding in Digital Workspaces

SharePoint Online's introduction of the Brand Center marks a significant step towards more customizable and visually coherent digital workspaces. As organizations increasingly rely on digital platforms for collaboration and communication, the look and feel of these platforms play a crucial role in user experience and brand identity. The ability to customize fonts – and potentially more visual elements in the future – allows companies to align their digital workspaces closely with their brand guidelines, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

This move by SharePoint not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to better branding and marketing strategies within corporate environments. Customization capabilities like those offered by the Brand Center encourage users to think creatively about how they present their company's identity online, fostering a stronger sense of brand loyalty and professionalism.

Furthermore, as digital workspace platforms continue to evolve, the significance of branding within them grows. Features like the Brand Center empower organizations to make their SharePoint sites more engaging and distinct, setting them apart in a crowded digital landscape. It reflects a broader trend towards personalization and customization in software solutions, responding to user demands for more control over their digital environments.

The Brand Center's potential for future expansions promises even more tools for companies to express their unique identities within SharePoint. As Microsoft continues to develop and refine these features, users can look forward to a more versatile and brand-aligned SharePoint experience. This evolution underscores the importance of digital branding and the role of platforms like SharePoint Online in facilitating it.

Finally, as enterprises embrace the Brand Center and other similar functionalities, they underscore the importance of a well-thought-out digital presentation. It's a testament to the fact that in the digital age, branding extends far beyond logos and taglines; it encompasses every aspect of an organization's online presence, influencing perceptions and enhancing user engagement in profound ways.

SharePoint Online - New SharePoint Brand Center Launch: Boost Your Brand Now!

People also ask

What is the new brand center in SharePoint?

In the spring of 2024, the introduction of the SharePoint brand center marked a pivotal moment. This addition brought about a centralized platform for managing the customization of SharePoint site appearances, providing users with powerful tools to tailor their site's aesthetics. Further details on the SharePoint brand center can be found here.

Is SharePoint being discontinued?

Contrary to circulating rumors, Microsoft has made no official announcement regarding the discontinuation of SharePoint. The organization continues to invest in and enhance the platform, with a new version slated for release in 2021. SharePoint remains a key player in the enterprise content management arena, widely utilized across numerous sectors.

Did Microsoft get rid of SharePoint?

Microsoft made the decision to phase out the SharePoint Public Website feature, concentrating resources and efforts on enhancing Microsoft 365 capabilities to deliver greater value to customers. This decision reflects the company's strategic shift towards more integrated and feature-rich services.

Are SharePoint apps going away?

For SharePoint on-premises environments, SharePoint Add-Ins will continue to function and receive support until at least April 2026 if they are deployed through a SharePoint on-premises app catalog. However, the process of acquiring these apps from the SharePoint Store/public marketplace will no longer be available post-April 2026.


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