Power Platform: Live Public Preview of Unified Experience Now Available!
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Power Platform
Sep 13, 2023 4:00 PM

Power Platform: Live Public Preview of Unified Experience Now Available!

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Experience seamless app development with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platforms Unified Developer Experience, live on Public Preview!

The unified developer experience for finance and operations apps is the next step in the app development experience provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. This functionality provided by finance and operation apps and Microsoft Dataverse is now available through a single sign-on experience. Previously, the development and runtime experiences were hosted on a single machine. Now, the execution of X++ code happens in the cloud, with different versions of the application code able to be used without the developer having to manage this complexity.

The Application Object Server (AOS), SQL database instance, and a complete Dataverse installation is hosted behind this endpoint. Workflows requiring a refresh from production systems can now be managed in a single step. This lighter development box means it only needs to run Visual Studio with the finance and operations metadata installed.

The system split eliminates the resource problem, with all the performance intensive work happening behind the cloud endpoint. Comparisons highlight savings in time and resources, with greater security, management and integration handled by Microsoft.



Developers can interact with the application directly from Visual Studio, upload development work results and run unit tests, without needing to manage own cloud-hosted environments. The new system also allows easy integration with several useful technologies, like Dual write, Virtual entities, and Business events.

Developers facing data related problems can now easily update the database they are debugging against, significantly reducing turnaround times. The average setup times for debugging production data issues have been reduced from 2 days to 3 hours. The unified developer experience thus translates to increased developer productivity and compliance.

  • Unified developer experience for finance and operations apps (preview)
  • Unified admin experience for finance and operations apps (preview)

Further Thoughts on the Unified Developer Experience

The transformation from local to cloud-based operations promises a significant boost to the developer experience. With CPU and memory demanding tasks carried out in the background by the cloud endpoint, developers can concentrate more on the actual development work. An accessible sign-in experience combined with the ability to upload results from within Visual Studio enhances the user experience. Developers can also run unit tests and debug X++ and C# code, which makes the debugging process faster and more productive.

Moreover, the seamless integration with the Power platform and Dynamics 365 extends the capabilities of the finance and operations apps. It reduces time-consuming tasks and removes the necessity for developers to manage the complexities of different versions of application codes.

This revolution in the development environment presents opportunities for developers to leverage Microsoft's capabilities to create more robust and efficient applications. From the inception of the development process to the execution, this unified experience ensures that the overall productivity is enhanced, empowering developers to create high-quality finance and operations applications. The impact of this on businesses relying on these applications will undoubtedly be substantial.

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The text discusses the new Unified Developer Experience for finance and operations apps introduced in the Public Preview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. This feature brings together the functionality of finance and operations apps and Microsoft Dataverse under a single sign-on. The new architectural layout allows developers to carry out their work, including X++ code editing, compilation, and deployment, on the cloud rather than previously on a single machine. This enhances simplicity as the system handles complexities of working with different versions and carrying out metadata downloads, eliminating the need for manual setup. Moreover, workflows requiring a refresh from production systems can now be managed in a single step, making the developer's task more efficient.


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