Enhance Webinar Experience with Premium Teams & Custom Event Policies
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Sep 26, 2023 11:46 AM

Enhance Webinar Experience with Premium Teams & Custom Event Policies

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Uncover Microsoft Teams new webinar features including advanced security and tailored events from a trusted Microsoft expert.

Learn about The New Webinar Experience with Teams Premium, Custom Event Policie

The webinar capabilities in Teams Premium has made leaps and bounds in its development recently. Tailored towards comprehensive data collation and data protection, Teams Premium webinar warps you into a new realm of customizing event policies. But just like getting your hands dirty with a new gadget, it demands a higher degree of understanding and immersion to use this feature effectively.

However, as a Microsoft expert, there are ways to make it easier for you. Enrolling in Microsoft Teams Webinar training courses like Edx's Microsoft Teams Webinar training, or Pluralsights' Microsoft Teams training, can break down these functionalities in an amicable manner.

Or rather, if you want to self-learn, there are several blogs and YouTube channels like Microsoft Mechanics that have an inordinate amount of information to help you. Also, there's a Microsoft Webinar site providing practical steps to guide you through the process.

After introducing Teams Premium, Microsoft gained traction among numerous organizations as they saw the tool's applicability and benefits. For instance, they increased their webinar attendance from 250 to 1,000 participants and enhanced their webinar security features. Some features mentioned are watermarking, custom meeting templates, end-to-end encryption, and sensitivity labels. Additionally, administrator settings also complemented the secure nature of Teams Premium.

Yet, switching tracks to a more detailed scene, Microsoft took the webinar setup experience to the next level where details like creating a Webinar waiting list, manually approving registrants were emphasized. Most functionalities are ingeniously fixed into the flow of the new setup experience. However, not all facets are prioritized, especially from an administrative viewpoint.

Besides, at the time of writing this blog post, sensitive features like watermarking, End-to-End Security Labels, and even custom meeting templates are not integrated into the setup. However, Teams Premium, with its streamlined approach, seems to be headed in the right direction in implementing these security features in the new webinar experience. In the meantime, users can relish the current functionalities via the 'Classic Webinars', which is an alternative if you're not a Teams Premium.

This progression didn't happen overnight, and the hardworking Microsoft experts worked earnestly to thrust forth this incredible initiative. So, let's get into the Teams Premium setup, and you will see how this feature truly evolved from its inception.

The first stage in getting this up and running is getting the Teams Premium trial. One of these is about setting the new webinar experience for Teams Premium Users along with creating a distinct Custom Event policy. Subsequently, the next level of configuration includes setting the Privacy statement URL in Azure AD. Only then you can set up a webinar using the new experience.

The process of setting up the Webinar will take you through a journey of selecting Calendar Apps, adding the details of the webinar, configuring Presenter Bios, and Theming Webinar. It further navigates through segments like Configure Registration, Attendee status, and Reports. Thus, setting up the Registration page would be an effortless exercise then after.

It is crucial to note that Teams Premium webinar features can be leveraged through Classic Webinars as well, where webinars are created with advanced security features like sensitivity labels, watermarking, E2EE, and meeting templates. This method is explicitly followed when users without Teams Premium have to organize webinars, illustrating the hybrid nature of features in Teams Premium.

An important point to note is that while Microsoft Teams continuously evolves, there is a lot to learn and understand about this tool. Remember always to read the documentation, follow Microsoft's blogs and learn from others through forums and online communities. It's a journey, not a sprint, so make the most of it and enjoy exploring Teams Premium's functionalities.

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