The New Microsoft Planner Tutorial 2024
Apr 18, 2024 3:00 PM

The New Microsoft Planner Tutorial 2024

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Unlock 2024s Full Potential with Microsoft Planner! New Features & Integration Guide Inside.

Key insights


  • Microsoft Planner integrates with Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft Project on the web, enhancing task management across organizations.
  • The introductory segment of the tutorial outlines the ease of starting with the new Planner.
  • Basic and Premium Plan Features are detailed, showcasing the range of functionalities accessible to users.
  • The addition of Copilot in Planner promises to bring new capabilities to the task management tool.
  • Engagement with the community is encouraged through various channels such as joining the channel for perks, and participating in webinars for better collaboration.

Exploring the New Microsoft Planner

Revolutionizing Task Management with Microsoft Planner

Welcome to the 2024 Microsoft Planner tutorial. If you're looking for a pragmatic solution for shared tasks across your organization, Microsoft Planner remains a top choice. It now integrates Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft Project on the web, offering a more unified task management experience.

The video starts with an introduction, followed by easy steps to get started with the Planner. It also covers basic to premium plan features, highlighting how these can enhance your task management capabilities. The intriguing addition of Copilot in Planner is discussed towards the end, showcasing future directions in AI-assisted project management.

This tutorial is designed to help users maximize their Microsoft license for task management. It aims to streamline collaboration and improve efficiency within teams. Whether you're new to Microsoft Planner or an existing user, there's something beneficial for everyone.


Planner - 2024 Microsoft Planner Guide: Maximize Your Productivity


People also ask

What is new in Teams 2024?

Answer: In February 2024, Teams introduced the new Copilot app, designed to provide users with personalized information like upcoming meetings, relevant files, or colleague profiles. It also allows users to revisit their chat history with Copilot for reminders and navigate through a variety of prompts in the Copilot Lab to enhance their user experience.

How do I make the best use of Microsoft Planner?

Answer: To optimally utilize Microsoft Planner, employing the Agenda view is recommended for a comprehensive overview of all pending tasks. This view simplifies workload management by allowing users to visualize tasks on a weekly or monthly basis, with the added functionality of dragging and dropping tasks to adjust their due dates easily.

What has happened to Microsoft Planner?

Answer: Microsoft has announced a new roadmap for Planner, introducing Enterprise Work Management capabilities. By early 2024, the updated Planner app will be available in Teams, replacing the current Tasks by Planner and To Do app (which will be renamed Planner). Following that, the revamped Planner's web experience is set to launch later in the year.

Is Microsoft Project becoming Microsoft Planner?

Answer: Yes, as part of its Premium experiences, Microsoft Project for the web will undergo a rebranding to Planner. This transition to the new Planner will be complemented by the availability of its web experience later in 2024. Noteworthy is that familiar features from Microsoft Project for the web will be seamlessly integrated into the new Planner app in Teams and its web app.



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