Unlock Productivity: Microsoft Planner & Premium Features 2024
Apr 3, 2024 5:00 PM

Unlock Productivity: Microsoft Planner & Premium Features 2024

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Explore the Unified Microsoft Planner: AI-Powered Task & Project Management in Teams!

Key insights

  • Integration of Microsoft To-Do, Planner, and Project for the Web into a single AI-powered tool within Microsoft 365.

  • Planner Premium features including Sprint planning, Goals, People view, Timeline view, Custom fields, and conditional formatting to enhance project management.

  • Access to a Public Preview of the new Planner in Teams, offering early exploration of new capabilities and providing feedback directly to the product team.

  • Streamlined user experience in the new Planner with simplified navigation and a focus on efficiency and productivity.

  • Opportunities to try premium features in the new Planner app, including the Copilot in Planner preview, with a free trial or premium license request.

Exploring the New Microsoft Planner

Microsoft's evolution in project management tools takes a significant leap with the new Microsoft Planner. This tool ambitiously integrates features from Microsoft To-Do, Planner, and Project for the Web, leveraging AI to provide a comprehensive, intelligent work management solution. It's designed to simplify and enhance the way individuals and teams organize, track, and execute their projects and tasks.

Offering a familiar yet enhanced experience, the new Planner is directly integrated into Microsoft Teams, boasting a streamlined interface that prioritizes simplicity and collaboration. With features like Sprint planning, Goals, and Timeline views, it's evident that Microsoft aims to cater to a diverse range of project management needs, from the most basic to the highly complex.

The public preview of the new Planner represents an opportunity for users to engage directly with the tool's development, offering feedback to shape its future. This iterative process is crucial for Microsoft, ensuring that the final product genuinely meets the needs of its diverse user base. Whether you're managing a small team project or coordinating a large-scale enterprise initiative, the new Planner promises to deliver a flexible and scalable solution.

Moreover, the introduction of premium features, including the innovative Copilot in Planner, emphasizes Microsoft's commitment to using AI to make work more manageable and efficient. These advancements not only enhance the project management landscape but also align with Microsoft's broader vision of integrating intelligent technology into everyday work processes to accelerate productivity and outcomes.

The NEW Microsoft Planner: Overview + Planner Premium Features

This video provides an in-depth look at the new Microsoft Planner experience, showcasing the integration of Microsoft To-Do, Planner, and Project for the Web into a unified tool. Enhanced by the intelligence of Microsoft Copilot, this tool is designed to simplify and improve project management across individual and team initiatives. The integration within Microsoft 365 aims to provide a seamless and powerful tool for users.

We delve into Planner Premium features, including Sprint planning, Goals, People view, and more, aimed at elevating project management. The utilization of Copilot in Planner is highlighted, demonstrating how AI can make work more actionable and efficient. These features collectively aim to provide a comprehensive project management solution that caters to diverse needs and scales with your projects.

The announcement of the new Planner app in Teams' public preview shares the excitement around the seamless and AI-assisted work management solution. It combines the simplicity of To Do with the collaboration of Planner and the power of Project for the web. The integration into Teams allows for a more streamlined, fast, and efficient project management experience, making it easier for teams to collaborate and manage tasks.

The preview introduces simplified navigation with My Day, My Tasks, and My Plans, offering a centralized view for all tasks. It brings tasks from various sources into one place, with filters and search capabilities, and simplifies the management of lists, plans, and projects. Users can pin favorite plans for easy access, benefiting from a unified and user-friendly interface for managing work.

Premium plans in the new Planner introduce advanced features like Sprint planning, Goals view, and more, with the added advantage of trying Copilot in Planner preview to further streamline project management. The video encourages users to start using the new Planner with practical examples such as managing career goals, planning team sprints, and coordinating product releases.

Access to the Public Preview of the new Planner is detailed, specifying requirements such as a Microsoft 365 subscription and activation of "Targeted release" or public preview in Teams. Project license holders have immediate access to premium capabilities, while others can start a free trial or request premium licenses. The video also encourages feedback to refine the Planner app further.

Anticipated updates, including the ability to upgrade plans and move tasks, are teased, promising ongoing improvements and bug fixes. Resources like Planner demos and an adoption website are provided to help users get the most out of the new Planner. Finally, the video shares news on the upcoming general availability of the new Planner app, inviting users to live events and sign-ups for updates.

Exploring the Evolution of Microsoft Planner

The evolution of Microsoft Planner into a more integrated and AI-assisted tool unveils a new era in project management within the Microsoft ecosystem. By unifying Microsoft To-Do, Planner, and Project for the Web, the new Planner offers a seamless experience that simplifies managing tasks and projects. The addition of artificial intelligence through Microsoft Copilot further enhances this tool, making project management more intuitive and efficient.

One of the prominent features of the update is the Planner Premium, which introduces advanced functionalities designed for comprehensive project oversight and execution. These include Sprint planning, Goals view, and customizable fields, among others, allowing for a highly tailored project management experience. The use of Copilot in Planner elevates the tool's capabilities, providing actionable insights and automating task breakdown, which can greatly assist in achieving project goals.

The integration of the new Planner within Microsoft Teams signifies a significant step towards streamlining project management workflows. It creates a one-stop environment for teams to manage tasks, collaborate, and achieve project objectives efficiently. The ability to view all tasks in one place, alongside the simplification of navigating through plans and projects, significantly enhances productivity.

As Microsoft continues to roll out updates and improvements based on user feedback, the future of the new Planner looks promising. Planned features and ongoing enhancements aimed at refining and expanding its capabilities will ensure that Microsoft Planner remains an essential tool for individuals and teams looking to manage their projects effectively. This evolution reflects Microsoft's commitment to providing powerful, flexible, and user-friendly solutions for work management.


People also ask

What is Microsoft Planner overview?

Microsoft Planner offers a user-friendly, collaborative, and visually appealing tool designed to enhance team coordination by allowing every team member to efficiently handle their tasks. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and its compatibility with both mobile and desktop devices, making it an integral part of Office 365.

What is new in MS Planner?

The latest iteration of the Planner app is set to harness the capabilities of generative AI through Copilot, signifying a significant advancement in its functionality. Moreover, the app known as Tasks and To Do within Teams is scheduled for a rename, while Project for the web will adopt the Microsoft Planner moniker in Spring 2024, aligning approximately with the March to June period in the Southern Hemisphere.

What happened to Planner in MS teams?

In an effort to streamline its interface, Microsoft Teams will soon consolidate the features of the existing Tasks by Planner and To Do apps under the singular “Planner” branding. In a related move, Microsoft Project for the web is slated for a rebranding to Planner in the near future. Following this update, existing users can rest assured that they will continue to have access to familiar functionalities.

Has Microsoft Planner been replaced?

Significant changes are on the horizon for Microsoft Teams, with the Tasks by Planner and To-Do app poised to transition to the name Planner. Likewise, Microsoft Project for the web will undergo a name change to Planner in the months ahead, allowing users to enjoy the features they have grown accustomed to under the new Planner designation.


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