The new Microsoft Places
Nov 10, 2022 3:04 PM

The new Microsoft Places

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Microsoft Places is a new and better way to hybrid work.

In this video, learn more about our vision for Microsoft Places: the connected workplace reimagined for hybrid and in-person work. Transform your spaces into places. Coming in 2023.

Marketing Video from Microsoft to this Topic:

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The best of both worlds is what hybrid work promises. the simplicity and convenience of working from home, the enthusiasm and interaction with coworkers in the office, and the freedom and chance to work anywhere we want. But as of right now, obstacles continue to stand in the way of realizing this promise.

  • Optimize workspaces with Connected Workplace
  • Introducing Microsoft Places
  • Coordinate where work happens to achieve the right outcomes
  • Modernize the office with intelligent technology
  • Optimize space and costs for changing needs

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Microsoft Teams Rooms

With the help of a meeting room solution that enables everyone to be seen, heard, and fully involved from anywhere, you can eliminate the divide between those who work remotely and those who are in the office.

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