The BEST WAY to hide column headers in Power BI!
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Sep 7, 2023 12:00 PM

The BEST WAY to hide column headers in Power BI!

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Y0u probably are hiding column headers by changing the text color in Power BI, but there is a better way.

Hiding column headers in Power BI Table and Power BI Matrix Visuals is not as obvious as one would presume. The common method of turning off column headers is usually sought under the 'Format Your Visual' section of the Power BI options panel. Sadly, currently there is no available option to turn off column headers for a table or a matrix in Power BI. The article goes on to present two workarounds that can be used instead.

  • Changing the font color of the headers to match the background. This technique allows the headers to be camouflaged thus seemingly hidden to the viewer, but still evident for further work.

  • Changing the name of each of the fields to a space. By doing this, while technically a character still remains (the space), in most cases it will make the header of a visual appear blank. This does not actually rename the columns, the measures still retain the appropriate name under the Data View in Power BI. A tooltip shows the initial column name or measure name when one hovers over the replaced column name.

Diving deeper into hiding Column Headers in Power BI

The task of hiding Column Headers in Power BI may seem straightforward, but it proves to be quite complex due to the lack of a seemingly obvious option to turn off column headers under 'Format Your Visual'. However, the two creative workarounds suggested in the article are quite quick to deploy and effective in keeping the headers hidden while ensuring they can still be worked with for further processes. They notably enhance the presentation of dashboard reports for an end user by offering a clean, clutter-free view.

Learn about The BEST WAY to hide column headers in Power BI!

The text discusses how to hide column headers in Power BI, noting that changing the text color is a common practice. However, it highlights more effective methods. One is renaming fields to a space, which in most cases will render the header of a visual blank without actually disabling the column headers. This technique is applicable for both table visual and matrix visual in Power BI. The text stresses that this method only alters the field name for that specific visual and the original names can still be found under the Data View in Power BI.


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