Top Microsoft Teams Shortcut for Productivity Boost
Feb 8, 2024 9:00 PM

Top Microsoft Teams Shortcut for Productivity Boost

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Unlock Efficiency in Microsoft Teams: Discover the Most Valuable Shortcuts!

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Essential Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Mute/unmute with Ctrl + Shift + M allows for quick audio control during meetings.

  • Toggle your camera on/off using Ctrl + Shift + O for managing video presence efficiently.

  • Start a new chat instantly with Ctrl + N, streamlining your communication process.

  • Utilize the search bar via Ctrl + E for fast access to Teams search functionality.

  • Navigate through chat/channel messages effortlessly with the Up/Down Arrow Keys.

Other noteworthy shortcuts include:

  • Open filter in chat/channel with Ctrl + Shift + F for refined searching.

  • Mark message as important using Ctrl + Shift + I, highlighting key communications.

  • Quickly jump to the last read/latest message with Ctrl + J (Windows) or Alt + J (Mac).

  • Schedule a meeting directly in Teams via Ctrl + Shift + Q for better meeting planning.

  • Attach a file to messages/chats with Ctrl + O, simplifying file sharing.

For discovering more shortcuts, remember the bonus tip: Access the full list using Ctrl + . (Period) on Windows/Mac or via Settings in the Web app. The most effective shortcuts are those that suit your daily tasks and improve your workflow in Microsoft Teams.

Mastering Productivity with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become a central hub for workplace collaboration, allowing users to seamlessly integrate chats, meetings, and file sharing in one platform. Understanding and utilizing keyboard shortcuts, as Mike Tholfsen points out, can significantly enhance your efficiency and ease of use within this comprehensive tool. From managing meeting settings with a simple keystroke to instant chat initiation and effective navigation through conversations, these shortcuts offer a path to a more streamlined workflow. Embracing these tips can transform your daily interactions into a more productive venture. Consequently, identifying and incorporating these key shortcuts into your routine can lead to a more personalized and efficient collaborative experience. As everyone's needs differ, experimenting with these shortcuts to discover those that align with your workflow is crucial. Remember, the power of Teams grows with your ability to navigate it swiftly and effectively, marking the importance of these shortcuts in mastering the platform's full potential.


The BEST keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Teams Unfortunately, there's no single "BEST" keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Teams as it depends entirely on your individual workflow and most frequent actions. However, I can guide you towards some highly valuable shortcuts based on popularity and usefulness:

  • Mute/unmute yourself: Ctrl + Shift + M (Windows/Mac) - Essential for quick audio management in meetings and calls.
  • Turn camera on/off: Ctrl + Shift + O (Windows/Mac) - Another crucial shortcut for controlling your video presence.
  • Start a new chat: Ctrl + N (Windows/Mac) - Initiates new conversations instantly.

Search bar: Ctrl + E (Windows/Mac) - Accesses search functionality for finding anything within Teams.
Navigate chat/channel messages: Up/Down Arrow Keys - Simple yet essential for scrolling through conversations.

  • Open filter in chat/channel: Ctrl + Shift + F (Windows/Mac) - Refines your view based on specific criteria.
  • Mark message as important: Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows/Mac) - Highlights crucial messages for others.
  • Jump to last read/latest message: Ctrl + J (Windows), Alt + J (Mac) - Saves time navigating long conversations.

Schedule a meeting: Ctrl + Shift + Q (Windows/Mac) - Quickly creates new meetings directly from Teams.
Attach a file: Ctrl + O (Windows/Mac) - Adds files to your messages or chats seamlessly.

  • Explore the built-in shortcut list!
  • Windows/Mac: Ctrl + . (Period)
  • Web app: Settings > Keyboard shortcuts

Remember, the "best" shortcuts are the ones you use most often! Experiment and personalize your Teams experience with the shortcuts that enhance your workflow.


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People also ask

What is the most useful keyboard shortcut?

The top keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft encompass: Ctrl + F for finding, Ctrl + Z to undo, Task Manager activation with Ctrl + Shift + Esc, selecting text via Shift + Ctrl + [arrow key], closing programs with Alt + F4, switching open apps using Alt + Tab, minimizing all windows with Windows logo key + M, and accessing clipboard history through Windows logo key + V.

What does Ctrl 2 do in Teams?

Utilizing Ctrl combined with numbers 1, 2, and 3 allows users to seamlessly navigate the left navigation bar within Teams, such as accessing the Activity feed with Ctrl +1, opening Chat with Ctrl +2, and moving to Teams with Ctrl + 3. Moreover, Ctrl + E provides expedited access to the top search bar within Teams.

Can you change Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts?

To customize keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Teams, one should click on the “…” (Settings and more) option located at the top-right corner, and then proceed to select Keyboard shortcuts.

What is the keyboard shortcut for formatting in Teams?

In Microsoft Teams, pressing Ctrl+Shift+X allows the user to expand the message compose box. This feature is particularly useful for those who rely on Teams as a substitute for email, offering a broad space akin to an email for typing out detailed and well-formatted messages.



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