Microsofts AI-Powered Design Tool Now Accessible in Edge Browser
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Microsoft Edge
Aug 23, 2023 10:00 AM

Microsofts AI-Powered Design Tool Now Accessible in Edge Browser

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Embrace creativity with Microsofts AI-powered design tool in Edge browser, offering direct access and diverse design possibilities.

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Microsoft's AI-Powered Design Tool in Edge

Microsoft has integrated its free, AI-driven tool, Microsoft Designer, directly into the Edge browser for US users. Originally introduced as a standalone app, it's now accessible via Edge's sidebar, offering:

  • Direct access without the need for a separate tab or program.
  • Capabilities to generate diverse designs, from social media posts to greeting cards.
  • AI-powered design suggestions upon entering prompts.
  • Options to modify these designs by changing elements like photos, fonts, and more.
  • Features from the DALL-E-powered text-to-image generator for bespoke pictures.

While its outputs may not always be top-tier in terms of aesthetics, Designer is ideal for those looking for a creative starting point.

Key Benefits: The integration facilitates tasks like embedding designs into emails or social platforms without juggling many windows. Furthermore, it pits Microsoft against competitors like Canva, which have already started to harness AI.

Microsoft Designer remains in its preview phase in Edge. To try it out, users need to update Edge and activate "Designer (Preview)" from the sidebar.

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