TEXTSPLIT Hack to make it Dynamic
Oct 15, 2022 12:00 AM

TEXTSPLIT Hack to make it Dynamic

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The new TEXTSPLIT function in Excel is one of 14 new functions just released. Here's my hack to make it fully dynamic.

TEXTSPLIT function

The TEXTSPLIT function works the same as the Text-to-Columns wizard, but in formula form. It allows you to split across columns or down by rows. It is the inverse of the TEXTJOIN function.


New Excel TEXTSPLIT Function to Separate words with Ease (includes cool tips)

Until now, splitting words to separate cells or breaking up long text strings in Excel using a delimiter was quite a challenge. We had to use functions like LEFT, MID, RIGHT, and so on, which are not easy to use. Especially if the text has multiple spaces or different delimiters. This is over now! With the new TEXTSPLIT function in Microsoft Excel it's so EASY now.


Excel TEXTSPLIT Function

The Excel TEXTSPLIT function splits text by a given delimiter to an array that spills into multiple cells. TEXTSPLIT can split text into rows or columns.