Customize Your Meetings with Teams Premium Features
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Sep 25, 2023 7:59 PM

Customize Your Meetings with Teams Premium Features

by HubSite 365 about Sara Fennah (The Teams Queen Blog)

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Discover further customization for Microsoft Teams Premium with enhanced meeting features, webinars, and virtual appointments.

The blog post penned by Sara Fennah on The Teams Queen Blog discusses various meeting customization options of Teams Premium, a value-rich add-on to Microsoft 365. It briefly addresses five categories that they will delve into further, namely, meeting customization, meeting protection, AI features, webinars, and virtual appointments.More info here.

The author illustrates how organizations can add their unique essence to meetings held via this service. This customization ranges from providing a branded lobby and tailored backgrounds, to creating custom together mode scenes and meeting themes. The blog post outlines that some of these features are not currently available in the Premium offering as of December 2022 but are expected to come soon within the platform.

There's also an emphasis on Organizational Virtual Backgrounds, an integral part of Teams Premium and Advanced Communications license. Once users are assigned the license, the images need to be uploaded, published, and made available for users within the Teams Admin Center. The author also hints at Advanced Communications possibly being phased out due to Teams Premium offering more features at a lower price.

  • The images must be either in JPEG or PNG format
  • The dimensions need to be between 360 by 360 px and 3840 by 2160 px.
  • The maximum limit is 50 images per organization.

Custom Together Mode scenes are another feature available for Teams Premium users. However, to apply these custom scenes, the user must be allowed to add custom Teams apps via an app set up policy which must be permitted by a Teams Admin.

The publication process of these scenes is considerably different, and extensive testing is recommended before publishing to the organization. The author also provides guidance on avoiding duplicacy of the apps once they're published. For instance, renaming the app after testing can prevent two copies of the same app – a sideloaded (preview) and full load (publish).

Deep Dive into Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams Premium broadens the capabilities of the initial Microsoft Teams Service to provide a more enriched user experience detailed in this blog post. Beyond enabling greater meeting customization and features such as organizational virtual backgrounds and Custom Together Mode scenes, the Teams Premium offering aggregates more administrative control and efficiency. For instance, setting up policy packages for easier administration, easing the publication of organization-level images, etc. This offering is geared towards making operations smoother and more efficient for Teams members and administrators, thereby promoting a more conducive and productive environment for all.

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Teams Premium - Customize Your Meetings with Teams Premium Features

Learn about Teams Premium – Meeting Customization

This blog post delves into the features of the premium version of a well-known Microsoft product. It specifically focuses on how this advanced version allows for meeting customization. With this unique feature, organizations can personalize their meetings with customized elements, making them more engaging and professional.

Opportunities for learning about this subject are vast. Microsoft offers a variety of training courses on its official website, Microsoft Learn. Courses such as 'Getting Started with Teams', 'Collaborate in Teams' and the 'Teams for Education' series offer comprehensive insights into basic and advanced functionalities of the software.

Further to this, Microsoft's virtual workshops and training sessions cater to enthusiasts and professionals alike. These sessions cover various topics from brainstorming and decision making in interactive meetings to conducting effective webinars. For a deeper dive, Microsoft also offers a certification course- 'Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate', which would ultimately quench the quest for knowledge about Microsoft's acclaimed team coordination tool.

Coming to the focus of this blog post, it emphasizes on five key features that can enhance the meeting experience. They include Meeting Customization, Meeting Protection, AI-enabled features, Webinars, and Virtual appointments. The Meeting customization features enable organizations to add their branding to the meetings with personalized lobbies, custom backgrounds, unique together mode views, meeting templates, and themes.

The article mentions their own previous content on a similar topic and provides relevant links for the readers. These articles serve as guides for the software in public preview. Also, the official documentation for these tutorials is shared through straight forward links, making easy navigation for beginners.

The blog post also sheds light on the meeting protection features, offering custom policy packages which simplify administration tasks. It also warns the reader that not all branding features have been released, indicating that there is more to learn and explore as the software evolves over time.

Organizational Virtual Backgrounds and Custom Together mode scenes enhance meeting experiences. They serve as both functional and aesthetic elements of teams meetings, with options to select from a pool of pre-designed backgrounds and scenes customized as per the organization's branding needs.

The software's new offering also includes Custom Meeting templates and themes that drastically minimize the time spent on recurring meeting arrangements and the painstaking process of maintaining uniformity across multiple meetings. These features will be available in the Teams Admin Center as they get released.

The latter part of the article demonstrates the steps to upload and publish organizational backgrounds in the Teams Admin Center, elaborating on the image requirements for these backgrounds. Notes are added on certain points for clarity and better understanding of the reader.

The text also introduces the concept of 'Together mode scenes' and provides necessary links for further guidance on the same. Additionally, it provides steps to publish scenes, and lists all the requirements and permissions required for the users.

With a brief glimpse into the upcoming features and a detailed description of features currently available in the Advanced Communication license, learning more about the functionality has been made easy. As the blog series proceeds, it will undoubtedly unfold more features which the enthusiastic readers can look forward to learning and implementing.

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