Optimize Teams Audio & Video: Ep.316 - Message Center Show
Jan 9, 2024 7:00 PM

Optimize Teams Audio & Video: Ep.316 - Message Center Show

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Simplify Teams audio/video settings with new flyouts for a seamless meeting experience! Tune in to Episode 316 for updates.

Key insights


The latest episode of the 365 Message Center Show introduces several enhancements to Microsoft Teams and the Viva Engage platform designed to streamline user experience and functionality:

  • Teams meetings have upgraded with new audio and video flyouts, allowing participants to adjust their settings without leaving the meeting, ensuring they can present their best self while fully engaged in the discussion.
  • Users can now join Teams work meetings from the free Microsoft Teams app and vice versa, facilitating collaboration regardless of licensing.
  • The integration of Chat notifications with Meeting RSVP status means users will now receive timely reminders and can view attendance confirmations within their chats.
  • Enhancements to the Viva Engage platform make it simpler to add topics to posts and engage with community Q&A sessions, improving information sharing and interaction.
  • The introduction of a new question-and-answer feature within Viva Engage communities allows for more dynamic and interactive discussion forums, where users can also vote on the relevance and utility of questions and responses.

Optimizing Microsoft Teams Meetings

Our latest episode of the 365 Message Center Show, titled "Teams meetings simplified audio and video settings," highlights the new improvements to audio and video settings during Teams meetings. The introduction of new flyout menus allows participants to adjust their settings without leaving the meeting interface. It ensures that you can present your best self while actively participating in your meeting.

In the weekly rundown starting at 0:00, a warm welcome leads viewers into the show. By 5:22 the discussion shifts to the update labeled MC704194, which details the ability to join work meetings via the free version of Teams. This significant change enables users without a Microsoft 365 subscription to easily collaborate with their peers in professional settings.

Additionally, at 13:39, another update, MC704035, is discussed, focusing on integrating chat notifications with meeting RSVP status. This means users will get reminders based on their RSVP commitments, a handy feature for better meeting management. And at 18:55, the show provides insights into updates made to Viva Engage under MC700930, particularly adding topics to posts.

We further learn at 26:00 about the latest Viva Engage update MC700929, which introduces question and answer capabilities within communities. It also adds options for community responses to be voted on. The episode concludes at 29:30 with an exploration of MC699715, detailing the new audio and video flyout settings in Teams meetings, which promises to streamline user interactions with their audio and video controls.

Teams Meeting Updates Overview

  • Join Teams work meetings from Microsoft Teams (free) - MC704194
  • Integrate Chat notification with Meeting RSVP - MC704035
  • Updates to Viva Engage topics in posts - MC700930
  • Viva Engage - Answers in Communities - MC700929
  • Audio and video flyout in Teams meetings - MC699715

Further Insights on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has established itself as an essential tool for business communication and collaboration. The platform continues to evolve, including recent updates to make meetings even more user-friendly. These updates are not only enhancing the accessibility of Teams for free and paid users but also incorporating smarter notification systems tied to RSVP responses.

The integration with Viva Engage is particularly noteworthy. Engage combines community building with knowledge sharing, now bolstered by new drag-and-drop topic features and Q&A options. This speaks to the broader strategic goals of Microsoft to weave together productivity with enterprise social networking, enabling richer and more productive collaborative environments.

Through these updates, Microsoft is making Teams an even more powerful platform for virtual collaboration. By continually refining the user experience, Teams stands out as a versatile tool for organizations and individuals alike, streamlining communication and ensuring that meetings run smoothly, no matter where participants are located.

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Teams - Optimize Teams Audio & Video: Ep.316 - Message Center Show


People also ask

How do I manage audio settings in Teams meeting?

To manage audio settings in a Teams meeting, you can click on the three dots (more options) on your meeting screen once the meeting has started. Choose 'Device settings' where you can adjust your speaker, microphone, and camera settings. You also have the option of setting up a secondary device for calls. Users can join a test call beforehand to ensure audio settings are correctly configured.

How do I enable audio conferencing in Microsoft 365?

To enable audio conferencing in Microsoft 365, an administrator must assign an audio conferencing license to a user. This can be done in the Microsoft 365 admin center under 'Users' -> 'Active users'. Choose the user, then select 'Licenses and Apps' and assign an 'Audio Conferencing' license. Settings such as dial-in numbers and PINs can be managed from the same admin center.

How do I enable Teams meeting in Office 365?

To enable Teams meetings in Office 365, you must ensure that Microsoft Teams is included in your Office 365 subscription and is enabled for your organization. As an admin, you can enable Teams for your organization by navigating to the Microsoft 365 admin center, going to 'Settings' -> 'Services & add-ins', and then select 'Microsoft Teams'. From there, you can turn on the service and configure meeting policies as needed.

Why is audio conferencing not showing up in Microsoft Teams?

If audio conferencing is not appearing in Microsoft Teams, it could be due to several reasons. The feature may not be included in your current subscription plan, users may not have been assigned an audio conferencing license, or the feature might not be properly activated or configured in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Make sure that the Audio Conferencing add-on is purchased and that licenses are properly assigned to users who require the feature. Additionally, verify the meeting policies within the Teams admin center to ensure audio conferencing is allowed for your organization.



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