Strengthening School-Parent Engagement via MS Teams
Dec 13, 2023 9:00 AM

Strengthening School-Parent Engagement via MS Teams

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Engage with your childs learning through Microsoft Teams School Connection - Simple setup & powerful tools for parents!

Introducing the Parent and School Connection feature in Microsoft Teams for Education, this tutorial video guides viewers through the new School Connection tool designed for parents. It highlights how Microsoft Teams for EDU now includes a School Connection app specifically for mobile devices, enabling parental engagement and support. Parents and guardians can leverage this app to stay informed and play a more active role in their child's educational journey.

For this feature to be available, an admin must activate the School Connection from the Teams Admin Center. Once activated, parents associated with the school will be able to utilize the app to get updates on their child's school progress. It is crucial for admins to instruct parents to download the Teams mobile app and to begin engaging with the School Connection feature in order to benefit from its offerings.

Parent and School Connection in Teams for Education

A tutorial video was recently shared, highlighting the new School Connection tool within Microsoft Teams for Education. This feature is designed to foster stronger engagement between parents and educational institutions. It allows guardians to stay informed and participate in their child's learning journey.

The School Connection app, available within Microsoft Teams' mobile platform, is pivotal for effective parent-school engagement. To begin leveraging this tool, administrators must first activate School Connection in the Teams Admin Center. Once this step is complete, parents are encouraged to download and use the app to monitor their child's progress.

For successful implementation, it's integral that administrators inform parents about downloading the Teams mobile app. This will enable them to get started with the School Connection feature. The tutorial guides parents through the setup process and showcases how to utilize the app for keeping up with their child's educational developments.

  • Introduction to School Connection in Teams
  • Activating the School Connection App for IT Administrators
  • Mapping Parents and Students by Email
  • Setting Up the School Connection App on Mobile Devices
  • Tips for Using the School Connection App Effectively

The provided timestamps serve as a guide to navigate through the video's content, ensuring that users can find information relevant to their role, be it IT administrators or parents. The comprehensive guide is aimed at simplifying the experience for all stakeholders involved in the educational process.


Teams - Strengthening School-Parent Engagement via MS Teams

People also ask

Is Teams for Education different to Teams?

Yes, Teams for Education, also known as Microsoft Teams for Education, is a variation of Microsoft Teams tailored specifically for academic environments. It includes features designed to enhance collaboration and communication among students and faculty, such as class notebooks, assignment management, and education-focused integrations, which are not present in the standard version of Teams.

How can Microsoft Teams be used for Education?

Microsoft Teams can be used for Education to create a collaborative classroom environment. Teachers can use it to distribute assignments, communicate with students, create class materials, facilitate group projects, host virtual classes, and meetings. Integration with Office 365 for Education allows the use of familiar tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint within the Teams interface. Furthermore, Teams offers features like OneNote Class Notebooks, a dedicated space for the class to store resources, and a grading system.

Can you add parents to Teams?

As of the knowledge cutoff in early 2023, adding parents directly to Teams as part of a classroom is not a regular feature. However, teachers can communicate with parents via the 'School Data Sync' (SDS) feature, which includes Student Information System (SIS) integration. This allows parents to receive updates about their child's education and school activities indirectly. Additionally, schools can use Teams to host parent-teacher conferences and other communications with parents, but they would typically need to be set up as guests, and certain limitations apply.

How do I link my school account to Microsoft Teams?

To link your school account to Microsoft Teams, you generally need to follow your school's guidelines, which usually involve signing in with your school-provided email address and password. As long as your school has an active Office 365 Education subscription, you should be able to log into Teams either through the desktop app, the web version, or the mobile app. You must enter your school credentials for access, and from there, you can join classes or teams that you've been invited to. If you encounter any issues or discrepancies, it's advised to reach out to your school's IT department for assistance.


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