Free Power Apps Setup: Step-by-Step Development Environment Guide
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Sep 27, 2023 12:20 PM

Free Power Apps Setup: Step-by-Step Development Environment Guide

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Discover a comprehensive guide to setting up a free Power Apps development environment - invaluable for all Microsoft developers.

Fredrik Engseth's blog post provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide for setting up a free power apps development environment for creating custom business applications, which could prove beneficial for testing and experimenting with designs. It's invaluable for both seasoned developers and beginners.

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A prerequisite for setting up a free information system development environment is a work or school email address. The first step is to visit Microsoft's official site, where one should click 'Get started free.'

The process entails providing some important details, like your work or school email address, and clicking 'Next.' If your address is already in the Microsoft customer database, you can choose to sign up. Conversely, if you're not a Microsoft customer, you may need to contact your IT admin to gain access.

To bypass such restrictions, you can create your own free organization sandbox by applying to the Microsoft Developer Program- this gives you access to an instant sandbox pre-configured with sample data, including a Developer Portal where you can start developing on the Microsoft 365 platform.

The follow-up steps require signing in using your existing account details, further providing details about your country or region, and business phone number. If desired, you can opt to receive information about products and services. After your new trial environment opens, the license configuration process commences.

Before accessing the environment, you need to provide some contact information; however, this can be bypassed if you're not comfortable providing that information. After providing this information, a list shows that the new trial environment has been created and a few minutes later, the Dataverse database is created. After these steps, you can start building new applications in your new trial environment.

A General Look at Information Systems

Information systems like Power Apps play a critical role in today's digital era. They ease the handling and management of data within organizations. More so, the development of custom business applications presents unique opportunities for firms to address individual business needs. With an understanding of its operations, businesses can leverage information systems to optimize business processes, drive efficiency, and ultimately achieve their objectives. A free development environment is therefore a priceless tool for organizations, encouraging innovation, experimentation, and continuous improvements in data management and processing.

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Power Apps - Free Power Apps Setup: Step-by-Step Development Environment Guide

Learn about Step-by-Step: How to Set Up a Free Power Apps Development Environment

The following guide will present a step-by-step tutorial on establishing a cost-free development environment for custom business applications. This is an essential skill to acquire, both for veterans and beginners in app development, particularly those who innovate using the platform that offers power-packed solutions to build your bespoke business software.


  • A corporate or academic email account is necessary.

Here are the instructions to set up your private development environment.


Start by visiting the webpage: developer plan page. From this site, click "Get started free", and continue by keying in your work or academic email, followed by a click on "Next".

If your entered email has extensions of an existing Microsoft account, you can proceed to sign in with your details. However, if you are not a Microsoft consumer, you will be guided to connect with your IT administrator to gain access.

Note: It is essential to subscribe or hold a license for Microsoft's products to participate in the trial environment.

If you encounter an access issue, you can resolve it by creating a free organization sandbox that participates in the Microsoft Developer Program here. The program provides an immediate sandbox with sample data, including Teams Developer Portal, allowing you to start creating on the Microsoft 365 platform.

Once you're enrolled in the developer program, use the work email address associated to your user in the sandbox tenant, and set up a development environment for the platform we're focusing on.

After signing up, ensure you've included your residing country or region and a business contact number during registration. If any product or service is of interest to you, and you are willing to disclose this information to Microsoft's partners, you should permit that as well.

Finally, click "Get Started" to launch your trial program, while starting the license configuration simultaneously. Before gathering data from the environment, it is necessary to provide some contact details or decline if you prefer otherwise.

The list of environments will display your new trial environment. However, it takes a few minutes before the Dataverse database is established, which is then displayed under the 'Build apps with Dataverse' section.

Your trial environment is ready for use after completing these steps. Have fun creating your custom applications!

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Feb 5, 2023 — Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting out, this guide will help you set up your own Power Apps environment quickly and easily.


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