Unlock Premium Microsoft Teams Features Today
Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Unlock Premium Microsoft Teams Features Today

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Unlock the power of Microsoft Teams Premium: Enhance productivity with AI, secure virtual meetings, advance workflows, and quality webinars!

Microsoft has launched premium features in Teams, enabling more personalized and secure virtual meetings, appointments, and webinars. The Teams Premium features make meetings more productive through an Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology called Intelligent Recap. This technology allows for live translations to remove language barriers and generate intelligent recap features that allow smarter recordings with autogenerated chapters, AI-suggested action items, and insights. This allows quick catching up on missed meetings.

  • Branding and personalizing meetings using custom backgrounds and scenes
  • Advanced meeting protection features including watermarking and end-to-end encryption for increased security
  • Advanced capabilities for webinars, including waitlist and manual approval
  • A centralized Virtual Appointment dashboard offering a quick view into schedules, and analytics to keep track of key usage insights

Releasing in a free trial format, Microsoft Teams Premium has numerous features to make meetings more Intelligent, Personalized, and Secure. Enhancing user conveniences, Microsoft Teams is offering Intelligent Meeting Recap, an AI-based tool available for public preview since May 19th, 2023. This enables users to follow up on AI suggested action items, create smarter recordings with automated highlights during the meeting, and get AI proposed tasks. It's almost like having a virtual assistant in every meeting.

Microsoft Teams Premium Insights

Teams are proposing an upgrade for organizations seeking more functions for their virtual experiences. The premium version is ideal for organizations conducting confidential meetings or sessions that require consistent settings. Custom templates and branding will help to establish a consistent virtual presence. Simultaneously, the advanced AI features will assist in boosting productivity by covering extensive tasks ranging from transcribing to suggesting action points and reminding about these tasks.


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Learn about Start Using Premium Features in Microsoft Teams Today

The blog post features an introduction to new premium features in Microsoft Teams, aimed to make every meeting more personalized, intelligent, and secure. The upgraded version called Teams Premium offers several capabilities including extending your organization’s brand across meetings with branding backgrounds and AI inclusivity tools for more productive and effective meeting experiences. It also ensures advanced security protection.

  • With Teams Premium, users can extend their brand and company culture across meetings via branding, organization backgrounds, and organization together mode scenes.
  • AI enhances productivity and effectiveness of meetings with tools like live translation using Intelligent Recap for captions to eliminate language barriers. The Recap also features recording chapters, AI-suggested action items, and insights to quickly catch up on missed meetings.
  • Superior security measures such as Watermarking, end-to-end encryption, and Sensitivity labels for meetings can ensure better meeting protection. It also prevents copy/paste functions and unauthorized external sharing.
  • The Teams Premium even facilitates a high-quality webinar experience, ensuring efficient event workflow management with features like waitlist and manual approval, virtual green room for presenters, and better attendee experience management.
  • For virtual appointments, it offers text reminders, customizable virtual appointments, and a dashboard for quick overview of schedules, queues, and usage analytics, to track key insights like no-shows and wait time per appointment.

Apart from these, there are some additional new features which include:

  • Intelligent meeting recap
  • Live translated captions
  • Meeting templates for personalization
  • Custom branding and backgrounds
  • Organization together mode scenes
  • Custom user policy packages
  • End-to-end encryption option for meetings

To begin, individuals or organizations can start a trial to overview the features of Teams premium. For more information on the topic, you can visit the Microsoft Teams Tech Community through this link.


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