Jukkas 2023 Release Wave 1: Exciting Features to Anticipate
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Sep 26, 2023 12:40 PM

Jukkas 2023 Release Wave 1: Exciting Features to Anticipate

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Bite into Microsoft 2023 Release Wave 1 plans: Must-watch items and notable gaps from our Power Platform experts perspective.

Microsoft expert and esteemed author, Jukka Niiranen [MVP], recently provided insights into Microsoft's anticipated 2023 Release Wave 1 in a YouTube video. Previously, the message was to avoid focusing excessively on biannual plans. The attention was instead directed to the Release Planner website which listed planned and newly released features as a roadmap site without limiting 'waves'.

In the newest updates, Microsoft urges users towards their Release Planner site. The challenge with this method is that all the newest features are hidden behind a 'release wave' filter. The Release Planner site's overall usability still presents issues, leading Niiranen to prefer using Microsoft Docs Learn for information.

The Power Platform 2023 Release Wave 1 was announced with a highlight video. Realistic demonstrations of features likely to be launched in six months are hard to present, so understanding this was necessary before watching the video.

The 2023 Release Wave 1 carries a lot for Microsoft enthusiasts to absorb. Here are a few subjective top items from the 2023 RW1 that Jukka Niiranen highlighted:

  • Fluent UI everywhere: The Power Platform Creator Kit, part of Microsoft's Fluent Design System, has been introduced to the Power Apps and Dynamics 365 app UIs. Hopefully, the new release will bridge the gap and unify the user interface across platforms.
  • Responsive canvas pages design experience: The plan's release gives hope towards more accessible design of responsive canvas apps as the process has previously been quite tedious. Anticipation is expressed for the new responsive layouts and spacer tools in the canvas studio.
  • Control system administrator role assignment: Granularity tends to disappear when moving up to the admin roles in Dataverse, with every Global Admin or Power Platform Admin automatically given sysadmin role for every Power Platform environment in the tenant. This release introduces more control over assignment, which brings hopes of better governance and transparency.
  • Personal environments with Dataverse: The intention is to lower the barrier for everyone to access premium features like Dataverse by labeling them as 'personal environments'. Such environments won't expire or consume tenant-level capacity, making them appealing for individual use.
  • Paginated reports editing on the web: The age of Power BI unleashed valuable data from enterprise reporting tools but the design tools for paginated reports were not as rapidly evolving. However, the 2023 RW1 release promises a WYSIWYG design experience on the web for creating and sharing paginated reports. This will potentially attract more customers than the existing options.

Regrettably, Microsoft Teams and shiny new AI features aren't given much consideration in the Power Platform release plan - perhaps surprising to some users given the company's investment in OpenAI and promises of new ChatGPT features. The focus remains on incremental improvements of existing products, alongside recent features like Cards for Power Apps or Microsoft Loop not making it to the new release plan.

Going Beyond the Power Platform Release

The release plans by Microsoft are an important cornerstone for the roadmap of their various platforms. However, it's also crucial to look wistfully for updates not advertised by Microsoft - this helps provide a clearer overview of product direction beyond the marketing hype. As platforms are constantly evolving, maintaining vigilance on changes is important.

As users wait for the launch of the Microsoft 2023 Release Wave 1, there's much to anticipate beyond the presented updates. The significant impact this release is expected to have on the Microsoft ecosystem promises numerous exciting innovations and improvements in the pipeline. For more details on the upcoming RW1 release, visit this link to HubSite365.

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M365 Release - Jukkas 2023 Release Wave 1: Exciting Features to Anticipate

Learn about Something to look forward to in 2023 Release Wave 1 by Jukka

Microsoft's offering with the 2023 Release Wave 1 is notable for the Power Platform. Here's an overview of the key features that developers and users should be aware of.

### Fluent UI

Microsoft Fluent Design System's concepts and components have been intermittently embedded into Power Apps and Dynamics 365 app UIs. With the advent of the 2023 Release Wave 1, these modern controls are set to extend significantly to the MS low-code application platform. This feature is expected to undergo the opt-in switch initially and its full-scale roll-out could take some time.

### Responsive Canvas Pages Design

Model-driven apps have typically outdone canvas apps in terms of UI capabilities. Thanks to the excellent responsiveness of screen layout. That being said, the experience of building responsive canvas apps was time-consuming. The 2023 RW1 release promises responsive layouts and spacer tools, aiming to simplify the ordeal of achieving app UI responsiveness.

### System Administrator Role Assignment

A novel feature of RW1 will be the ability for customers to delegate the System Administrator role to relevant users. This offers improved control over auto-assignment and is thus a privileged feature. The fine print behind its working remains to be explored.

### Personal Environment

The 2023 RW1 release brings along 'personal environments' that give all makers access to premium features like Dataverse. These environments will not expire and do not demand the tenant's Power Platform admins' approval for provisioning. However, admins can disable this feature if desired.

### Web Reports

Making report creation easier has been a focus for RW1. The ability to create, share and print paginated reports on the web through a WYSIWYG design experience is introduced. This promises to offer a much-needed overhaul to the existing tedious options for using dynamic data in documents.

While the release brings in a lot of exciting features, one might notice somewhat lesser attention to Microsoft Teams in the release plan. Also, the absence of elaborate Artificial Intelligence features could be surprising, considering the immense potential and industry talk around AI. However, it's crucial to note that any drastic announcements are not typically a part of the release waves. Instead, these are about the incremental growth of the existing products.

While keeping an eye on the new offerings, it is equally important to watch out for updates rolled back or postponed. It is a norm to see some plans being held back, postponed, or cancelled.

As the Microsoft Power Platform continues to grow and evolve, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest editions and updates. Make sure to review the Power Platform roadmap at least twice a year to keep up with the changing tech landscape

Fluent UI and responsive canvas applications are highpoints of the 2023 Release Wave 1. Also, the availability of personal environments with Dataverse and web editing for paginated reports are promising enhancements. With such a significant update slated, it's an exciting time for Makers and users of the Microsoft Power Platform. To stay ahead of the curve, keep watching for Microsoft's Power Platform release plans updates.

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