Create Your AI Copilot: A Step-by-Step Guide
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Dec 12, 2023 9:00 AM

Create Your AI Copilot: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Create the Ultimate HR Copilot: Tips & Insights for Building an AI Chatbot That Transforms Your Workplace!

So you want to build your own AI assistant similar to Microsoft Copilot? It's been the talk of the technology world this past year. The implementation of these AI-driven conversational applications has spread throughout the Microsoft ecosystem.

With the announcement at Ignite of a low-code builder for creating your own assistant, it's time to step back. We'll return to my series on building an HR AI assistant with tools like Copilot Studio. I'll also offer a comprehensive view on where to begin this journey.


Building a Conversational AI Assistant

Building a conversational AI assistant involves not just technological know-how but also a clear understanding of the users' needs and the context within which the assistant will operate. The idea is to provide value beyond just factual responses by enabling users to complete tasks during the interaction. Targeting the right audience with tailored language and deployment strategies is crucial for adoption and utility. Continuous enhancement based on user interaction analytics is essential for success. Ultimately, creating an assistant that effectively supports users with the tasks at hand will lead to a powerful tool that can enrich both employee and HR experiences within any organization.


Building Your Own AI Conversational Application

So you want to build your own conversational assistant? It has been quite popular lately, especially at Microsoft. Investments have been flowing into deploying AI-driven conversational apps throughout the company.

Additionally, with Microsoft announcing a low-code conversation builder, known as Copilot Studio, it's a good time to reflect. This includes considering how to create an HR assistant using Power Virtual Agents, now rebranded as Copilot Studio.

Where to begin is crucial, as is understanding what qualities make an effective conversational assistant. To build one efficiently will be the focus of my series.

Consider this the kickoff to a new tutorial series where I will guide you through creating an HR conversational assistant. This assistant has specific tasks designed to help employees with:

  • Direct answers to HR questions
  • Reporting sick leave
  • Checking vacation balances
  • Requesting time off
  • An option for escalating concerns

Addressing these points helps alleviate common issues for general and HR staff. Rather than making a phone call when ill, employees might prefer a quick chat message. Similarly, for HR, having a system to handle routine inquiries frees up their day for more critical tasks.

It's important to approach the development of such tools with a clear objective. For a successful implementation, it typically involves several factors:

  • A concise problem statement to address immediate employee needs and reduce HR interruptions
  • Defining actions where conversational tools can bring real value
  • Identifying the target users, like employees across the company and the HR team
  • And ensuring there's an escalation path for unresolved inquiries

For our HR conversational assistant, defining these elements creates a foundation for tailored solutions. Rather than automating for automation’s sake, it’s done to save time, enhance quality, and maintain consistency.

Chatbots have been integrated into website support systems for some time. Initially, they weren't much more than an alternate FAQ page. Nowadays, conversational models provide enhanced responses and understand queries more intuitively than simple keyword searches.

However, alone a conversational assistant cannot replace navigating HR documents. To boost its adoption, you need to incorporate contextual understanding, not just querying information. Adding capabilities to action requests, like submitting a vacation application, truly elevates its utility.

Determining your audience is integral when developing a conversational assistant. For the HR model, this is primarily employees, with secondary consideration for HR processes. This affects the assistant's tone, choice of language, and deployment strategy – whether it's within Teams, on a website, or across multiple platforms.

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Microsoft Copilot - Create Your AI Copilot: A Step-by-Step Guide


People also ask

Will Microsoft Copilot be free?

The pricing details for Microsoft Copilot have not been explicitly conveyed in external sources currently available. It often depends on the particular service and usage plan provided by Microsoft. For precise cost information, potential users should check the official Microsoft website or contact a Microsoft sales representative.

Who has access to Copilot?

Access to Microsoft Copilot is typically granted to users through specific Microsoft programs or services that integrate Copilot functionalities. It might be available to developers, enterprise customers, or through certain subscription plans. The exact access guidelines are best obtained directly from the updates offered by Microsoft.

How do I get Windows Copilot?

As of the current updates, to get Windows Copilot, one would need to follow the official channels of obtaining Microsoft software. This could involve downloading it from the Microsoft Store, enrolling in a Microsoft service that includes Copilot, or signing up for a beta or preview program if available. Detailed instructions are usually provided by Microsoft when such a service is offered.

What can Copilot do?

Copilot is designed to assist users with various tasks by leveraging advanced AI technologies. It might provide capabilities such as automating routine tasks, providing intelligent suggestions, enhancing productivity software, assisting in code generation for developers, or offering real-time assistance. The specific features of Copilot might vary based on the application it is integrated with and the use cases addressed by Microsoft's service.


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