SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: March 2024
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Apr 2, 2024 3:04 AM

SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: March 2024

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Unlock SharePoints March 2024 Enhancements: New Features, Microsoft Lists, Viva Insights & More - Stay Ahead!

Key insights


  • SharePoint: New section backgrounds enhance Pages and News with customizable image or gradient colors, improving accessibility and visual appeal.
  • Answers in Viva integrated into Microsoft Search, making valuable information more accessible within,, and Bing at Work searches.
  • SharePoint Premium: Introduction of options to enable/disable Unstructured, Structured, and Prebuilt Document Processing, offering more control and customization.
  • Microsoft Lists: New forms experience enables easy data collection through native Lists Forms, streamlining the process of gathering information within organizations.
  • New Microsoft Planner app in Teams (Public Preview) combines the strengths of To Do, Planner, Project, and incorporates Microsoft Copilot, offering a unified work management solution.

Embracing the SharePoint Roadmap: March 2024 Enhancements

The March 2024 SharePoint Roadmap reveals numerous enhancements aimed at improving user experience and productivity within Microsoft 365. This update is marked by significant improvements across SharePoint, including new customizable backgrounds for Pages and News, ensuring a more dynamic and engaging user interface. Integrating Answers in Viva into Microsoft Search streamlines access to essential information, making knowledge sharing and discovery more efficient.



SharePoint Premium has been upgraded with flexible document processing options, allowing businesses to tailor their document management practices to their specific needs. Additionally, the introduction of an improved forms experience in Microsoft Lists simplifies data collection, enabling organizations to gather crucial information without requiring external tools. Lastly, the new Microsoft Planner app in Teams, currently in public preview, marks a pivotal step towards unifying individual and collaborative task management, integrating capabilities from To Do, Planner, and Project, all enhanced by the intelligence of Microsoft Copilot.


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SharePoint Online brought significant updates in March 2024, enhancing pages, documents, lists, tasks, and more, showcasing that Microsoft isn't joking around with its developments. New offerings include new section backgrounds for SharePoint, Viva content in Microsoft Search, and a premium option for document processing management among others. These features aim to streamline work processes and enhance user engagement across the board.

  • New section backgrounds in Pages and News for SharePoint Online.
  • Answers in Viva integrated within Microsoft Search results.
  • SharePoint Online Premium's document processing features for unstructured, structured, and prebuilt documents.
  • Management capabilities for SharePoint Embedded containers via the SharePoint admin center.
  • Microsoft Lists introduces a new forms experience.
  • A preview of the new Planner app in Teams.
  • OneDrive's new file creation from templates.
  • Microsoft Viva Goals obtains a new URL domain.

Every feature started rolling out to Targeted Release customers in March, possibly extending to early April 2024, aiming to enhance information sharing and collaboration within a dynamic employee experience on SharePoint in Microsoft 365.


People also ask

What's new in SharePoint 2024?

In the latest feature update, SharePoint has enhanced its modern User Experience with increased customization options, streamlined the process for configuring Open ID Connect, and introduced a novel avenue for those using the on-premises version to submit their feedback directly to the SharePoint Server product team.

What is replacing SharePoint?

A suite of potential SharePoint alternatives has surfaced, including ClickUp, Glasscubes, Huddle, Samepage, Liferay, Nuxeo, Confluence, Source by IC Thrive, Jostle, G Suite, ClearPoint, Redbooth, and Slack. Each platform offers capabilities akin to SharePoint but also brings its own unique set of features to the table.

Is there a future for SharePoint?

The trajectory of SharePoint is heading towards the integration of intelligent automation and artificial intelligence (AI). These advancements are set to make SharePoint more intuitive by enabling it to automate mundane tasks, more accurately categorize content, and improve search functions, thus significantly augmenting its functionality.

Is SharePoint still widely used?

As the premier global collaboration and document management system, SharePoint boasts a user base of over 190 million people across the world, affirming its widespread adoption and utilization.



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