SharePoint 2023 Updates: Comprehensive Roadmap Review
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Sep 26, 2023 2:00 PM

SharePoint 2023 Updates: Comprehensive Roadmap Review

by HubSite 365 about Mark Kashman (The KashBox)

Senior Product Manager at Microsoft (SharePoint)

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Discover AI-driven features in Microsoft 2023 updates: Microsoft Feed, Planner integration with Viva Goals, OneDrive for Android PDF extraction, Lists: Calendar

Microsoft Sharepoint Update Summary

Mark Kashman, a Microsoft Senior Product Manager, discusses the SharePoint roadmap for January 2023, which features prominent Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements in his blog post titled "SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: January 2023".

Significant updates discussed include the Microsoft Feed, Planner's integration with Viva Goals, feature enhancements in OneDrive for Android, updates to Microsoft Lists, Teams, and other areas.

The author highlights a conversation with Bill Bär, a senior product manager from the 'content AI' team, who reveals the value of the Microsoft Feed. The Feed is designed to aggregate various happenings, such as content updates, people interactions, videos, and reminders, providing a smart, organized overview for users.

Relevant Features and Updates

Several features rolling out as of January 2023 in Microsoft 365 aim to empower employees and enhance workplace experiences. Microsoft Feed, a personal newsfeed that displays user-relevant content across Microsoft 365. Additionally, Viva Goals' integration with Planner connects team tasks and relevant objectives and outcomes, automatically indicating project progression in Viva Goals.

Updates to OneDrive for Android now allow the extraction of PDF pages using Microsoft Syntex. In collaboration updates, SharePoint enables better collaboration on various organizational projects with integrations across Teams, OneDrive, Yammer, Stream, Planner, and more.

In addition to month layout, Microsoft Lists now offers a new week layout to visualize list information. Microsoft Teams now has an @everyone feature, which allows for collective tagging of group members, streamlining the communication process.

Microsoft's Recognition and Future Updates

Microsoft recently added another feather to their cap, being named "Leader" in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Insight Engines. The tech giant offers two comprehensive solutions, Microsoft Search for Microsoft 365 customers, and Azure Cognitive Search for developers and data scientists on Microsoft Azure.

Users should also take note of the retirement of Stream (Classic), set for February 15, 2024, with dates for halting new uploads and limiting accessibility advancing sooner. Thus, it is encouraged to transition to Stream's successor service, Stream (on SharePoint), and form migration plans.

The post concludes by teasing February 2022 updates, which include external file requests for SharePoint document libraries and creating, viewing, and sharing playlists on Microsoft Stream.

Comprehensive View of SharePoint Updates

Microsoft SharePoint continues to evolve and enhance features to improve collaborative efforts, optimally manage tasks, and deliver a personalized experience for users. The ongoing integration with AI technologies underpins these advancements, offering users smarter and more intuitive ways to manage their tasks and navigate their digital workspace. Insightful and actionable, SharePoint offers a robust platform that escapes the siloed approach to task management and truly empowers teams. For more detailed insights and updates, consider visiting this link.

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SharePoint Online - SharePoint 2023 Updates: Comprehensive Roadmap Review

Learn about SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: January 2023

SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop is a monthly blog series that encapsulates the latest features and tips for Microsoft's SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive, and other Office applications. The text being discussed today, published in January 2023, chats about newly launched features including Microsoft Feed, Viva Goals' integration with Planner, and much more.

In order to fully grasp the innovations and themes discussed throughout the text, it would be recommended to look into several Microsoft educational courses and resources. Courses or tutorials that focus on SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office Suite, Viva Goals, and Planner can enhance understanding of subject matter within the blog post text.

However, experienced users could gain a vast understanding of this topic through more advanced training courses, focusing on AI applications in Microsoft's suite of tools, or, understanding and maximizing the benefits of Microsoft's Search and Syntex functionalities.

The Intelligent Intranet (Cloud Skills Challenge: SharePoint) course on Microsoft Learn would be a good starting point if you want to know more about creating and structuring a dynamic intranet with SharePoint Online.

Another recommended course is ‘Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams’. This will help you explore the entire range of Teams functionalities, including how @everyone and other mentions can enhance communication efficiency within Teams.

If you are interested in AI and search-related aspects, the course ‘Administering the search schema in SharePoint Online’ will deepen your knowledge about related topics in Microsoft's suite of tools.

Viva Goals, mentioned in the article for its integration with Planner, is a tool that aids in tracking company's objectives and results. Microsoft provides a learning path called ‘Get started with Microsoft Viva’ which provides a useful foundation of information about Viva and its various modules, including Viva Goals.

For those looking to understand the potential of AI, Microsoft offers AI Business School, especially module focusing on ‘Defining an AI strategy to create business value’. It will help in understanding AI’s applications in business processes, just like how AI is applied in Microsoft 365 Feed (mentioned in the blog).

Lastly, SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Training would be beneficial for developers and SharePoint Administrators on development in Microsoft SharePoint Online, increasingly important with "Stream (Classic)" preparing to retire, mentioned in the text.

Operating alongside training courses, one should consistently engage with Microsoft’s community forums, and blogs. These channels offer real world examples, problem-solving techniques, and advice from Microsoft MVPs and experienced users. SharePoint Tech Community, Microsoft 365 Community, and GitHub are good platforms to gain further insights.

It's important to note, while learning, to remember SEO practices when interacting with, or creating content for, SharePoint sites. Understanding and implementing good SEO practices ensures your content is easily discoverable and user-friendly.

Remember, practice makes perfect - and while complex concepts should be approached and understood, the goal is always to simplify and enhance efficiency in your everyday interactions with these Microsoft services.

By covering these areas, you should gain a comprehensive understanding of the themes discussed in the blog series, preparing you to engage confidently with SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive, and other Office applications.

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