SharePoint News Links - use them for more than just news
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Aug 4, 2023 12:00 PM

SharePoint News Links - use them for more than just news

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SharePoint News is a feature within Microsoft SharePoint that allows users to share updates, notifications, or reports throughout a team or an entire company. Some of the major functionalities are:

  • Creation of News Posts: Users can develop interactive news posts with various templates or custom formatting, including text, images, videos, and linked content.
  • Targeting and Distribution: News can be aimed at particular teams, departments, or the entire company, and delivered via SharePoint sites, team sites, or communication sites.
  • Interactivity: Comments and reactions are supported by SharePoint News, promoting a two-way conversation and collaboration.
  • Mobile Accessibility: SharePoint News is available on different devices, including mobiles, which makes staying up-to-date easy.
  • Integration with Other Tools: SharePoint News can be integrated with other Microsoft 365 tools like Teams and Yammer, for a seamless information flow.
  • Content Organization and Management: Users can organize content using categories and metadata, save news, view a personalized news feed, or manage publishing with approval flows.
  • Analytics: Insights on audience engagement can be acquired through how many people have seen, liked, or commented on the news posts.

SharePoint News - An Effective Collaboration Platform

SharePoint News is a versatile platform that aids in efficient collaboration by enabling an organization-wide sharing of updates and crucial information. Its key strengths lie in its ability to create rich and interactive news posts, distribute targeted content, and facilitate a bi-directional conversation. SharePoint News also stands out for its mobile accessibility and integration with other Microsoft tools, thus enhancing the user's ability to stay connected and updated. Moreover, its robust content management and powerful analytics provide a superior user experience. All these features together make SharePoint News an integral part of the digital workspace.


Learn about SharePoint News Links - use them for more than just news

SharePoint News Links are a powerful tool for businesses and organizations to use for more than just sharing news. It is a feature within Microsoft SharePoint that allows users to create, target, and distribute rich and interactive news posts with text, images, videos, links, and embedded content. The news can be targeted to specific teams, departments, or the entire organization, allowing the right information to reach the right people. SharePoint News also supports comments and reactions, enabling a two-way conversation and collaboration.

Additionally, SharePoint News is accessible on various devices, including mobile, and integrates with other Microsoft 365 tools like Teams and Yammer. It also allows users to organize content using categories and metadata, save news for later, see a personalized feed of news, and manage news using approval flows and scheduled publishing. Finally, insights on how many people have seen, liked, and commented on the news posts can provide valuable information on employee engagement.


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