SharePoint How To Move Files FAST! 🚀
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Sep 5, 2023 11:00 AM

SharePoint How To Move Files FAST! 🚀

by HubSite 365 about Dougie Wood [MVP]

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to effectively move files within SharePoint! In this in-depth tutorial, Microsoft MVP Dougie Wood

This video provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively move files within SharePoint. Microsoft MVP Dougie Wood offers expert insights into optimizing file management strategies using SharePoint Online. The guide covers topics such as the essential need for efficient file movement, leveraging SharePoint's built-in "Move To" and "Copy To" features, the drag-and-drop feature for transferring files, techniques for bulk file selection and movement, an introduction and walkthrough of the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool, and best practices for successful migration.

  • Introduction to File Movement: Understanding the need for effective file movement in SharePoint Online for efficient workflows.
  • "Move To" and "Copy To" Features: Leveraging built-in SharePoint functionalities to relocate files, preserving metadata, and permissions.
  • Drag and Drop: Using intuitive drag-and-drop features for speeding up the file transfer process.
  • Bulk Selection and Movement: Strategies for selecting and moving batches of files at once.
  • SharePoint Migration Tool: Unveiling the advantages and seamless integration of the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool.
  • Migration Process: Detailed step-by-step guide to using the SharePoint Migration Tool.
  • Hands-On Demonstration: An illustrative example of using the migration tool in action.
  • Smooth Migration Practices: Tips and tricks for managing potential challenges and ensuring smooth data transition.

Making the Most Out of SharePoint

Dougie Wood's tutorial is all about empowering SharePoint users to improve their file management skills and efficiency. With his expert guidance, users can learn how to save time, enhance collaboration, and ensure data integrity in SharePoint Online. His tutorial also provides a thorough understanding of using the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool for complex file migrations. Dougie is a Microsoft MVP with years of experience in SharePoint, making him a great resource for learning to improve productivity with the platform.

Learn about SharePoint How To Move Files! 🚀

This comprehensive guide by Microsoft MVP Dougie Wood provides an in-depth tutorial on how to move files effectively within SharePoint Online. The tutorial is beneficial for both seasoned and new SharePoint users aiming to enhance their productivity. In the tutorial, many file management strategies are discussed such as using built-in functionalities like the "Move To" and "Copy To" feature; leveraging the drag-and-drop feature; moving bulk files; and using the advanced Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool.

Dougie also provides a step-by-step walkthrough for using the migration tool and handling a successful, complex migration while ensuring data integrity. The video tutorial also includes insights into planning, managing potential challenges and providing a seamless transition during the migration.


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