SharePoint and Community -  with Vesa Juvonen , Enea Licaj  & Ami Diamond
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Mar 4, 2024 4:20 PM

SharePoint and Community - with Vesa Juvonen , Enea Licaj & Ami Diamond

by HubSite 365 about Ami Diamond [MVP]

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Discover Future SharePoint Features with Vesa Juvonen & MVPs in Our Latest Interview! #MVPBuzz #Microsoft365

Key insights


  • Ami Diamond, alongside Enea Liçaj, interview Vesa Juvonen, a Principal Product Manager at Microsoft focused on SharePoint and Teams within Microsoft 365 PnP.
  • The discussion revolves around how Microsoft develops new features and products for its users.
  • Future design features for SharePoint and the introduction of SharePoint Premium and SharePoint Embedded were highlighted during the interview.
  • Congratulations were extended to Enea Liçaj for achieving the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) status.
  • The importance and meaning of the community within the Microsoft ecosystem were discussed, emphasizing its value to the speakers.

Exploring SharePoint and Its Community Impact


In an engaging and informative YouTube video, Ami Diamond, a recognized Microsoft MVP, and Enea Liçaj interview Vesa Juvonen, a Principal Product Manager at Microsoft. This interview shines a light on the collaborative efforts behind SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams as parts of Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP). They delve into the process of how Microsoft conceives new features and products, providing insights into the future design features for SharePoint Online.

Vesa Juvonen also introduces viewers to new concepts like SharePoint Premium and SharePoint Embedded, exciting developments in the SharePoint ecosystem. The conversation extends towards celebrating Enea Liçaj's achievement of becoming an MVP, highlighting the importance of the community in the development and evolution of SharePoint Online. The joyous and insightful exchange emphasizes the vibrant community's role in guiding the platform's direction.

The discussion ultimately presents a captivating view of the ongoing and future enhancements in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and the broader Microsoft 365 platform. It encapsulates the dedication of Microsoft and its vibrant community in crafting cutting-edge solutions that bolster collaboration and productivity. This video is a must-watch for enthusiasts and professionals interested in SharePoint Online, providing a comprehensive overview of its current state and future potential


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