Send Multiple SharePoint Images to Email from SharePoint in HTML Table with Power Automate
Jul 15, 2023 1:00 AM

Send Multiple SharePoint Images to Email from SharePoint in HTML Table with Power Automate

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This idea came to me from a coworker who was making a beautiful table and sending a report of items every week on Monday using Power Automate.

The idea of sending multiple SharePoint images to email from SharePoint in an HTML table with Power Automate is discussed in this text. It originated from a coworker who was using Power Automate to create a stunning table and send a weekly items report every Monday. However, we were unable to incorporate the image column from SharePoint into the HTML table. A HTTP request and Parse JSON were used to retrieve the image and we manually constructed an HTML table, which we then transferred to our SharePoint. Normal HTML steps were unhelpful at the time because they would not utilise the image's base64 output.

  • The Power Automate Flow was built using a manually created HTML table and Parse JSON from a SharePoint list.
  • The image was encoded with a formula: api/Lists/getbytitle('MyImageList')/items(@{items('Applyto_each')?['ID']}).
  • Body content was used to replace the 'serverRelativeUrl'.
  • An image tag with width and height attributes was used to display the image.
  • A data URL scheme was used for embedding the image in the HTML.

Digging Deeper into the Topic

This method can be beneficial for a number of activities involving SharePoint and emailing. The approach to implementing an HTML table using Power Automate is efficient and accommodates a wide range of data types, including SharePoint images. The key is properly using HTTP requests and Parse JSON to retrieve the necessary image data. This allows sending comprehensive reports with visuals, increasing the effectiveness of communication.

Learn about Send Multiple SharePoint Images to Email from SharePoint in HTML Table with Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a powerful tool that allows users to automate tasks and workflows. This article discusses how to use the Power Automate to send multiple SharePoint images to an email in an HTML table. The process involves using a HTTP request and Parse JSON to retrieve the images, and then manually building an HTML table and writing it to SharePoint. It is also necessary to use the encodeUriComponent and replace functions, as well as a CSS code bracket. Power Automate can be a great timesaver when it comes to automating tasks with SharePoint images.

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