Dataverse Data Security: Comprehensive Guide Part 1
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Microsoft Dataverse
Oct 20, 2022 6:12 AM

Dataverse Data Security: Comprehensive Guide Part 1

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Microsoft Dataverse

Explore Dataverse security solutions: From Azure AD authentication to conditional access execution - become a Microsoft Expert!

Securing Your Data with Dataverse: Able Guide (Part 1)

In this blog series, we guide you in securing data in Microsoft's data manager, Dataverse, focusing on safeguarding data from external threats within this part. The key strategy to secure against threats, both from users within Microsoft, external sources, and within internal systems.

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Securing Data from Hacker and Malicious Intent

Microsoft's data manager provides formidable defense against unauthorized entry using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for conditional access and multi-factor authentication. Azure AD identity and access management mechanisms are also included, limiting access exclusively to authorized users. Conditional access restrictions allow location-specific access, raising the security level.

Capitalizing on the industry-leading protection Azure offers, data encryption both at rest and in transit is provided within Microsoft's data manager, safeguarding confidentiality.

Auditing and Threat Detection

Easing the burden on system administrators, Dataverse introduces auditing features, allowing seamless audit tracking for the environment. Administrators can duly record activities, such as CRUD operations, data sharing, record opening and viewing, among others. It should be noted that read auditing needs a separate configuration, with this type of audit data perhaps robust. Auditing necessity may differ across environments.

Measure to Protect, Detect and Respond to External Threats

Incorporating Azure AD authentication establishes identity confirmation, providing conditional access authentication based on properties such as user IP address, device, location. Taking further protective steps, enabling auditing is a key measure, with the tool providing a functional, testable sample which assesses auditing viability.

In addition, the platform makes it possible to quickly respond to any suspicious activity and potential system threats.

Additional Resources and Future Assistance

The Dataverse security whitepaper provides in-depth information on the robust features and capabilities the platform offers, making it a comprehensive guide to understand the platform's workings.

General Information About Microsoft's Dataverse Security

Dataverse is a Low-code data platform from Microsoft that allows organizations to efficiently store and manage data in secure databases. It utilizes Azure's robust security technologies, giving enterprises peace of mind with their data storage. For administrators and developers, conditional access and auditing tools significantly increase the platform's security, ensuring that access to data is strictly regulated, and activities are meticulously tracked. Hence, Dataverse provides a seamless and secure platform, enabling organizations to manage data effectively, with a constant vigilance on potential threats and the system's overall health.

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Microsoft Dataverse - Dataverse Data Security: Comprehensive Guide Part 1

Learn about Securing Your Data with Dataverse: A Comprehensive Guide (Part 1)

Understanding how to secure your data is critical in a digital environment marred by numerous internal and external threats. A robust method for data security involves the use of Microsoft's Dataverse. This platform focuses on protection against external threats with an emphasis on secure data against hackers and malicious intent.

Dataverse employs Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for managing authentication. This mechanism allows only authorized users access to data, reports, and the general environment. It provides conditional access and multi-factor authentication that prevents unapproved access thereby enhancing data security.

The Azure AD function in Dataverse extends to ensure location awareness, which consequently allows control over environments limiting them to trusted devices and locations. Authentication is subject to certain conditions, which can be modified and evaluated as per user requirements.

Another impactful feature of the Dataverse is the encryption of data, both in resting or transit phases, which fortifies the confidentiality of data. Furthermore, being built on Azure, it warrants powerful security technologies that Azure provides to all its platforms.

Threats or suspicious activities can be rapidly identified in the Dataverse system, courtesy of the platform's auditing capabilities. The system admins can set up audit tracking for their environment, logging activities, and enabling instant direct access to the client. Please note, the read auditing feature requires separate configuration, and not all environments require read auditing.

Dataverse also equips users with the ability to vigilantly prevent, detect, and respond to external threats. An integral part of prevention includes the use of Azure AD authentication to confirm the identities of users logging into the system. Further, the conditional access feature can authenticate based on IP addresses, locations, devices, or other user properties.

Enabling auditing, including user access auditing, allows for efficient detection of potential harm. A useful resource for learning more about managing auditing in Dataverse can be found here. Understanding the functionality of this feature can be achieved through a sample audit user access test.

When a threat or unusual activity is detected, an effective response strategy is equally important. For a further in-depth understanding of Microsoft's highly-secured platform and its capabilities, refer to the Microsoft databank security white paper.

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