Script Samples that creates a Colored Folder on OneDrive and SharePoint
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Sep 5, 2023 12:12 PM

Script Samples that creates a Colored Folder on OneDrive and SharePoint

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Colored Folders can be created in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint document libraries.

Script samples that create colored folders are now available for OneDrive and SharePoint. The ability to create colored folders in these platforms is a new feature that is being rolled out progressively. This feature provides users with the option to colorize their folders with one of 16 preset colors, satisfying a long-time request by Microsoft 365 users. Colorized folders not only provide a quick identification but also help in folder organization. A guide is presented to help with changing the color of folders in SharePoint.

The colored folder feature for SharePoint and OneDrive began its roll-out late in August 2023, and it's expected to conclude around October the same year. If the option to change folder colors doesn't appear yet, users are advised to retry in a week due to the phase-wise implementation of the feature.

Changing Folder Color In SharePoint & OneDrive

The roll-out of the colored folder feature in SharePoint and OneDrive is an exciting development. It increases user efficiency by allowing for quick folder identification and improved organization. Users will be able to customize their workspaces better and improve the work-flow within their digital spaces. Expect the completion of the roll-out process around October, which means users who can't see this feature yet should be able to access it shortly.

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The main topic of the text is about a new feature in OneDrive and SharePoint that allows users to create colored folders. These colored folders have been introduced to enhance organization and quick folder identification. The feature, being rolled out to all tenants, comes after requests from Microsoft 365 users, allowing folders to be colorized with one of sixteen preset colors. The article intends to guide on how to utilize this new feature, specifically how to change the color of folders within SharePoint. The roll-out of this feature started in August 2023, with expected completion by October of the same year.


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