Weekly Quote Details Email Scheduling with Hyperlink: Part 2
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Sep 26, 2023 1:51 PM

Weekly Quote Details Email Scheduling with Hyperlink: Part 2

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Master Microsoft Power Automate with this expert guide on scheduling weekly emails with quote details and hyperlink from Dynamics 365 Sales data.

Power Automate: Building a Weekly Email Scheduler with Quote Details

The blog post, authored by Dian Taylor, focuses on the construction of a weekly email scheduler using Power Automate. The function utilizes data from Dynamics 365 Sales and Dataverse. In the previous installment, the point of last departure was at the 'List Records' step which served to query Dataverse for quote records. This part expands on the process of constructing the HTML table to be incorporated in the email.

Once in the flow, a click on '+Next step' and a quick search for 'Create HTML table' will present the necessary fields. The 'Value' from the 'Dynamic content' window under 'List Records' has to be entered in the 'From' field, and 'Columns' have to be set to custom. This customization allows for control over column configuration rather than allowing the system to generate them automatically.

The columns appended under the header include 'Quote ID', 'Quote', 'Owner', 'Effective To', and 'URL'. The inbuilt system doesn't permit spaces between words while entering header names. This issue can be bypassed by entering the name with spaces in notepad and pasting it into the header field. These value fields will be populated with dynamic values held from the previous 'List Records' step.

An additional bit of formatting is required for the 'Effective to' field to maintain coherency with the HTML table and convert the data into Eastern Standard Time (EST). Here, the 'Format data by examples' preview feature can be deployed. A critical aspect involves getting the direct link to the quote from Dynamics 365 functioning correctly. This part doesn't necessitate displaying the entire URL in the column, the preferable method would be showcasing 'Record Link' and converting that into a clickable hyperlink in the HTML table (see more about this topic here).

To achieve such a hyperlink, the 'concat' function in the expression can be utilized, following which the organization's URL should be appended with the guid of the quote row. Furthermore, the wording 'Record Link' must be made into a clickable link. An additional amount of work is needed for the URL segment of the HTML table to operate smoothly. Without this, the URL field may not exhibit a clickable URL, but rather it will demonstrate the whole text string.

For the purification of the URL and to allow a clickable link, sequences of symbols and character combinations need to be eliminated from the "Create HTML table" action. A compose action could be adapted to remove such symbols and character combinations. The highlighted symbols that are removed include "", "\\".", and more. The final lap of the flow involves sending the crafted email with the HTML table which could be sent out either from a specific user or a shared mailbox. The blog also includes a chunk of code to style the HTML table and add borders, keeping the data presentable and tidy.

In conclusion, the entire process discussed builds an automatic solution to schedule weekly emails with details from Dynamics 365 Sales and Dataverse, making use of the features provided within Power Automate. This can prove beneficial in managing data and sending out timely emails with necessary data efficiently.

Overview of Power Automate

Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flow, provides a creative and efficient platform for automation. Giving chances to construct and orchestrate automated workflows, it boasts of unique features such as online tools that allow easy-peasy automation of tasks and business processes. Its compatibility with numerous apps and services such Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and more, brings scalability and flexibility on the table. Usage of Power Automate extends from a simple individual task management to instigating complex integrated applications systems automation.

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Power Automate - Weekly Quote Details Email Scheduling with Hyperlink: Part 2

Learn about Schedule weekly email with quote details and hyperlink | Part 2

Are you looking to automate emails by using Power Automate? This blog post guides you through the process. The aim is to create a flow that sends a weekly email with specific details from Dynamics 365 Sales or Dataverse. If you missed the first part of this series, don't panic. Go back and catch up before continuing.

The blog explains in detail how to construct Power Automate Flow. It picks up from the 'List Records' step in the previous blog post, where Dataverse quote records were queried. The next steps will use the 'Create HTML table' option, putting it all together in an email.

The 'Create HTML table' process starts with the '+Next step', where you will input the 'Value' from the Dynamic content window under 'List Records'. The 'Columns' drop-down should be set to custom, which lets you decide on the column configuration. The columns used in this example are 'Quote ID,' 'Quote,' 'Owner,' 'Effective To,' and 'URL.' Following each of these steps rightly would lead to a dynamic table with all the quote data details.

The author additionally guides you through creating a clickable hyperlink in the table with a detailed process. However, the clickable link isn't visible without some additional work. The reason? A selection of characters and letter combinations within the 'Create HTML table' step need to be removed before the URL becomes clickable.

The final step in this process is to send the email containing the HTML table. The author advises sending it from a shared mailbox for easy access and management. You can also enhance the HTML table look with formatting, borders and more. Finally, save the flow and test it manually to ensure everything is working as expected.

To help you further, the author has provided code snippets on GitHub that you could use in your own workflow process to automate your task. The upcoming blog posts promise to continue this educational journey, offering more tips and tricks for using Power Automate. So, make sure you subscribe to not miss out on any new posts!

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Remember, the journey to mastery involves continuous learning and application, and this blog post provides a fantastic avenue to accomplish that with Power Automate. Enjoy your learning journey!

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