OneLake Fabric Shortcuts: Avoid Duplicates
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Sep 27, 2023 6:00 AM

OneLake Fabric Shortcuts: Avoid Duplicates

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Explore our expert insights on managing storage with Microsoft Fabrics OneLake, optimizing data across domains without duplication.

In this video, Reza Rad explains the benefits of using Microsoft Fabric's OneLake feature, and the key role Shortcuts play in building an analytics solution. OneLake serves as a single logical layer for storage management across Microsoft Fabric.

OneLake allows the use of Domains and workspaces to work with Fabric Items. Occasionally, you might need a table or file from one Domain to be utilized in another. This is where OneLake's Shortcut feature comes in handy. It allows you to use a file or table in another Domain without duplicating the data.

Shortcuts in Microsoft OneLake lets you unify your data across domains, clouds, and accounts. It essentially creates a single virtual data lake for your whole enterprise. Your Fabric experiences and analytical engines can directly connect to your existing data sources.

  • Shortcuts are objects in OneLake that point to other storage locations.
  • The location a shortcut points to is known as the Shortcut's target path.
  • The place where the shortcut appears is known as the shortcut path.
  • Shortcuts are like symbolic links. If deleted, the target remains unaffected.

You can create shortcuts in lakehouses and Kusto Query Language databases. Furthermore, these shortcuts can point to other OneLake locations, Azure Data Lake Storage, or Amazon S3 storage accounts. Any Fabric or non-Fabric service that can access data in OneLake can use shortcuts.

There are various types of Shortcuts like internal OneLake shortcuts, which allow you to reference the data within existing Fabric items; ADLS shortcuts that allow access to ADLS Gen2 storage accounts, and S3 shortcuts that allow access to Amazon S3 accounts.

About OneLake and Shortcuts

The priority of OneLake is to provide a unified platform for accessing and managing data storage across various domains, clouds and accounts. The Shortcut feature plays a crucial role in this, offering a method for navigation amongst the diverse data locations without the need of replicating data. This not only conserves storage resources but also simplifies data handling for users.

Learn about Saying Yes to Fabric OneLake Shortcuts, No to Duplicate

The text discusses the concept of "Shortcuts" within Microsoft's OneLake, an important feature for managing storage across the Fabric. Specifically, it delves into its function, creation process, and accessibility scopes.

  • Shortcuts: They are objects within OneLake that link to other storage locations. These locations can either be internal or external to OneLake, referred to as the "target path." The place where the shortcut is created known as the "shortcut path." Similar to symbolic links, deleting a shortcut doesn't affect the target. However, any modifications in the target path can break the shortcut.

  • Importance: Shortcuts allow the unification of data across domains, clouds, and accounts by creating a single virtual data lake. They enable direct connection of analytical engines and Fabric experiences to data sources like Azure, AWS, and OneLake. OneLake manages all permissions and credentials, reducing the need for separate configurations. Shortcuts are instrumental in eliminating edge data copies and decreasing process latency associated with data copies and staging.

  • Creation: Shortcuts can be created in lakehouses and in Kusto Query Language (KQL) databases. They can point to other OneLake locations, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2, or Amazon S3 storage accounts. When creating shortcuts in a lakehouse, it's crucial to understand the item's folder structure.

To grasp the content better, one can look into Microsoft's official courses and documents on Fabric and OneLake, understanding "Shortcuts," their role and creation process. Courses on cloud storage management and data lake architecture may also prove beneficial.

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