Automate AI Prompt Approval & Log Results with Power Automate
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Feb 12, 2024 4:00 PM

Automate AI Prompt Approval & Log Results with Power Automate

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Boost Workflow with AI: Power Automate Tutorial for Custom AI Prompts & Approval Processes!

Key insights


5 Key Insights

  • Custom AI Prompts and Approval Processes: The tutorial demonstrates how to create custom AI prompts in Power Automate, including steps for licensing, implementing approval processes, and reintegrating AI-generated data.
  • AI for Email Automation: It hints at the capability to automate emails using AI through shared mailboxes, enhancing communication efficiency.
  • AI Builder Licensing: Discusses the prerequisites for using AI Builder within Power Automate, essential for effectively running AI prompts.
  • Dynamic Content Generation and Sentiment Analysis: AI prompts are capable of generating dynamic responses and performing sentiment analysis, broadening the scope of automation.
  • Logging and Review: Highlights the importance of logging the results and approver comments within the automation flow, ensuring transparency and traceability.

Enhancing Workflow Automation with AI Prompt and Approval in Power Automate

Power Automate is a vital tool within the Microsoft Power Platform ecosystem, designed to automate routine tasks across multiple services and applications. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through AI prompts and approval mechanisms significantly amplifies its functionality. By integrating AI, Power Automate is transformed into a smarter automation tool that incorporates AI-driven decisions and approvals, streamlining workflows.

The use of AI prompts in Power Automate allows for the automatic generation of content, text analysis, predictions, and the guided flow of operations based on AI insights. Such automation could be applied in various scenarios like crafting email responses automatically based on the analysis of incoming messages, ensuring responses are contextually relevant.

A key advantage of incorporating AI is evident in the system's approval processes. These processes facilitate efficient decision-making by automating the routing of documents, data, or tasks following a predefined sequence of approvals. AI enriches this feature by autonomously determining the most suitable approval path through content analysis or predictive insights, thus optimizing the decision-making process.

In essence, the collaboration of AI prompts and approval within Power Automate allows the creation of workflows that are not only automated but also intelligent and highly responsive. This technology saves valuable time and introduces a level of decision-making that can adeptly handle the nuanced demands of business operations.

Overall, the fusion of AI with approval mechanisms within Power Automate marks a significant advancement in workflow automation. It empowers users with the ability to automate intricate decision-making tasks, dynamically create content, refine approval processes, and elevate workflow efficiency. As companies gravitate towards solutions that minimize manual oversight while maximizing precision, the AI-powered functionalities within Power Automate emerge as essential tools in meeting these objectives.


AI prompt with an approval in Power Automate represents a significant advancement in workflow automation. By leveraging AI, users can automate complex decision-making processes, generate dynamic responses, and streamline approvals. This not only enhances efficiency but also introduces a new level of intelligence and adaptability into automated workflows. As businesses continue to seek solutions that reduce manual effort and increase accuracy, AI-powered features in Power Automate stand out as invaluable tools in achieving these goals.

Christine Payton's tutorial on running a custom AI prompt with approval in Power Automate breaks down the steps to create a tailored automation flow. It includes generating AI-driven content and attaching it back to the original data source, alongside implementing sentiment analysis. This approach innovatively combines AI and Machine Learning to optimize digital tasks and decision-making, enriching the dynamics of Power Automate.

Furthermore, the guide details how to configure a shared mailbox for sending emails, enhancing collaborative efforts and workflow efficiency. Through clear explanations and practical demonstrations, viewers can grasp how to implement these advanced features, making their automated processes more intelligent and responsive.

Enhancing Workflow Automation with AI Prompt and Approval in Power Automate

Power Automate, a key component of Microsoft's Power Platform, offers a versatile toolkit for automating repetitive tasks across various applications and services. With the integration of AI through AI prompts and approval processes, Power Automate extends its capabilities, enabling more intelligent and dynamic workflows. This feature allows users to incorporate AI-driven decisions and approvals into their automation flows, making the system not just automated but also smart.

AI prompts in Power Automate can be utilized to generate dynamic content, analyze text, make predictions, or even guide the flow based on AI-driven insights. For example, you could set up a flow that automatically generates email responses based on the content of an incoming message, using AI to understand the message's context and craft a relevant reply.

The approval process is another critical feature that benefits from AI integration. It streamlines decision-making by routing documents, data, or tasks through a predefined approval sequence. Integrating AI can enhance this process by automatically determining the approval path based on content analysis or predictive insights. For instance, an invoice could be automatically approved if it falls under a certain amount and matches the AI's criteria for a legitimate expense, or it could be flagged for manual review if it doesn't.

Together, AI prompts and approval in Power Automate empower users to create more intelligent, responsive, and efficient workflows. This integration not only saves time but also introduces a layer of AI-based decision-making that can adapt and respond to the complexities of business processes.


The integration of AI and approval processes in Power Automate marks a notable advancement in automating workflows. Using AI lets users handle complex decisions, generate relevant responses, and streamline the approval process. This enhancement not only boosts efficiency but also brings intelligence and adaptability to automated workflows, making AI and machine learning tools invaluable for reducing manual effort and improving accuracy in business operations.

AI + Machine Learning - Automate AI Prompt Approval & Log Results with Power Automate


People also ask

Can you automate approval scenarios in Power Automate?

Indeed, Power Automate facilitates the automation of document or process approvals across a myriad of services, including SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, OneDrive for Business, Zendesk, and WordPress. To assemble an approval workflow, one simply incorporates the "Approvals - Start and wait for an approval" action into any flow they're crafting.

How do you follow up approval in Power Automate?

To incorporate an email notification within an approval process in Power Automate, the procedure involves the following steps: initiating a Flow, incorporating an Approval Action, fine-tuning the Approval Action, appending a Condition tailored for the Reminder Email, adding an Email Action, and configuring this Email Action to dispatch a reminder email amidst the approval journey.

How do you customize approvals in Power Automate?

For tailoring approval experiences in Power Automate, on the "Start and wait for an approval" card, choose the Approval type list and select "Custom Responses - Wait for one response". Subsequently, you'll embark on crafting the personalized responses that approvers will elect when addressing an approval solicitation concerning employee expenses.

What is the difference between start an approval and create an approval in Power Automate?

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