Exclusive: Wee Hyong Tok Discusses Microsoft Fabric Team
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Mar 31, 2024 4:00 PM

Exclusive: Wee Hyong Tok Discusses Microsoft Fabric Team

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Explore the Evolution: Reza Rad & Wee Hyong Tok on Azures Fabric Data Factory

Key insights


  • Reza Rad interviewed Wee Hyong Tok from the Microsoft Fabric Product Team.
  • The discussion details the transition from SSIS to Azure Data Factory, and subsequently to Fabric Data Factory.
  • They announced new features in Fabric Data Factory and Data Pipeline.
  • The conversation also shed light on the future roadmap of Fabric Data Factory.
  • The interview provides insights into the development and enhancement of data management tools within Microsoft.

Understanding Fabric Data Factory

Fabric Data Factory, as discussed in the interview, represents a significant evolution in Microsoft's data management and integration services. Originally starting with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft's journey towards more cloud-based, scalable solutions led to the creation of Azure Data Factory. Further advancement in this area has resulted in the development of Fabric Data Factory, which promises to streamline data processing and integration tasks for businesses and developers alike.


Reza Rad from RADACAD recently had an engaging interview with Wee Hyong Tok from the Microsoft Fabric Product Team. During their conversation, they explored the evolution of data handling within Microsoft, starting from SSIS, transitioning to Azure Data Factory, and finally moving towards Fabric Data Factory. This transformation marks a significant advancement in data management and processing.


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