Revolutionize How You Build Power Automate Flows
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Aug 21, 2023 9:00 AM

Revolutionize How You Build Power Automate Flows

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In this enlightening session, Paul Murana will revolutionize how you build Power Automate flows. He will demonstrate the implementation of Power Automate Design

In his session, Paul Murana showcases his revolutionary approach for building Power Automate flows. He covers Power Automate Design principles yielding easier flow construction, quicker execution, fewer actions, and more straightforward maintenance. Power Automate is integral to the Power Platform, and this session offers techniques to improve flow-building and address common issues. Murana provides real-examples, along with tips and tricks for better product usage in daily operations.

Paul Murana is an Independent Power Platform Specialist adept at process optimization and automation for businesses of all sizes. He is passionate about integrating disconnected systems. You can reach him on Youtube and LinkedIn.

This session is brought to you by Ludia Consulting, specialized in management consulting, solution architecture, and project management, and Lexicon Solutions, an IT staffing firm. Visit their websites at and respectively.

Diving Deeper into Power Automate with Paul Murana

Power Automate revolutionizes workflow automation by enabling quick and easy construction of flow processes. Through this seminar, Paul Murana’s hands-on explanations and real-time examples, users are given a fresh perspective in overcoming the common issues encountered in their daily use. The session also benefits new users by providing actionable tips and techniques to harness the platform's full potential. Furthermore, Insightful discussions with Murana promises to enhance the attendees' comprehension and ability to optimize disconnected systems for improved overall performance.

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In this session, Paul Murana will demonstrate how to build Power Automate flows with ease, faster execution, fewer actions, and simplified maintenance. He will share practical examples of flows he has encountered in production and optimized using design principles. Attendees will gain insights that can supercharge their Power Automate endeavors. Paul is an experienced Power Platform specialist who helps businesses automate and optimize their processes. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert and to benefit from the valuable tips and tricks he will share. Special thanks to the sponsors Ludia Consulting and Lexicon Solutions.

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