Reporting Meeting Room Usage Patterns
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Feb 10, 2023 11:30 AM

Reporting Meeting Room Usage Patterns

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Calculating Statistics for Room Mailboxes A article I wrote explaining how to extract and report statistics for room mailboxes

Reporting meeting room usage patterns is a process of gathering and analyzing data related to the use of meeting rooms in order to identify trends, optimize utilization, and make better decisions about resource allocation. It involves collecting information such as how often each room is used, who uses it, what type of meetings are held there, when they take place and so on

The article is about a popular script for extracting and reporting statistics for room mailboxes using Microsoft Graph API requests.

  • Count the total events for each day.
  • Compute the percentage of the overall events for each day.
  • Build a very basic chart element for the day. The idea is to build a simple bar chart where the larger the bar, the higher the daily room usage is. I’ve no doubt that those with more artistic minds than mine can come up with a much nicer solution.
  • Store the information.

  • Report Daily Usage Patterns for Room Mailboxes
  • Download Script from GitHub – But Check Article Comments

Avoid Common Graph API Errors in PowerShell Scripts

This article explains how to use the Microsoft Graph API and PowerShell to extract meeting data from the calendars of room mailboxes to generate statistics.

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