Recognize Emails, Phone Numbers and Other Entities in Power Automate for Desktop
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Mar 13, 2023 7:00 AM

Recognize Emails, Phone Numbers and Other Entities in Power Automate for Desktop

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Recognize Emails, Phone Numbers and Other Entities in Power Automate for Desktop

“Hey Everyone,

In this video, we will look at how Power Automate for desktop recognizes entities in text, such as numbers, units, data/time and others expressed in natural language across multiple languages.

This is the perfect tool to automate that specific scenario where you get these routine emails with the same type of information and you have been manually copying that information and saving it some where”

Table of contents

  • Introduction 00:00
  • Working model 00:49
  • Building the flow 02:20
  • Recognize entities action 04:35
  • Review the entire flow 14:34
  • Conclusion 16:24

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What is Power Automate for Desktop?

Power Automate for Desktop is a desktop-based automation tool developed by Microsoft that enables users to automate repetitive tasks on their Windows computer. With Power Automate for Desktop, users can record, build, edit, and manage their workflows to automate a wide range of tasks, such as file management, data extraction, and data entry.

The tool provides a visual designer that lets users create workflows using a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for users with no programming experience to automate tasks. It also includes a wide range of pre-built actions and connectors that enable users to integrate with other applications and services, such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Power Automate for Desktop can also be used to automate tasks across multiple applications and services, making it a powerful tool for increasing productivity and reducing errors. The tool is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, a suite of low-code and no-code tools designed to help businesses automate processes, build custom applications, and analyze data.

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