Real-Time Marketing with Dynamics 365: Customer Insights & Journey Tutorial
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Sep 11, 2023 3:00 PM

Real-Time Marketing with Dynamics 365: Customer Insights & Journey Tutorial

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Master Real Time Marketing with Dynamics 365: Expert Tutorial on Customer Insights Journeys

Real-Time Marketing with Dynamics 365: Customer Insights & Journey Tutorial is a tutorial video that aims to teach beginners how to effectively use Dynamics 365 Real-Time Marketing, currently known as Customer Insights Journeys. This comprehensive guide walks users through the critical aspects of Real-Time Marketing, including building segments and triggers, sending emails and text messages/SMS. Also, it shows how to create a tailored communication journey.

The video provides users time stamps for seamless navigation and further learns the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys, a tool no longer exclusive for marketers. Empowered by AI and natural language input assistance, it allows business users to devise trigger-based journeys to reach customers across multiple platforms. These journeys nurture relationships starting from prospects to sales and eventually to support.


The Customer Insights - Journeys tool helps organizations engage customers in real-time using various outlets like email, text message, or push notifications. By using this platform, organizations can earn customers' loyalty faster and offer an end-to-end customer experience. By integrating AI, they can personalize customer experiences and convert insights into targeted actions. The tool also enables seamless leverage of the detailed customer understanding in Customer Insights - Data.

The platform is also adaptable and customizable, handling compliance requirements and accessibility guidelines efficiently. The video concludes introducing the concept of a 'customer journey,' an iterative process a prospective customer undertakes from product discovery to evaluation, looking for offers up to the actual purchase.

The Dynamics of Real-Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing capitalizes on the power of immediacy. It reacts to consumer-led actions promptly, delivering strategically timed messages. Dynamics 365 Real Time Marketing, or Customer Insights Journeys, enhances this operation by integrating smart systems, like AI and Natural Language Processing.

This tool provides businesses with flexibility and adaptability. It allows customization and seamless software integration. For marketers, it goes beyond crafting well-timed messages; it's a platform that breeds relationships and substantiates consumer trust.

The tool empowers organizations to turn insights into strategic, personalized actions. Leveraging predictive analytics and AI-driven recommendations, marketers can project an end-to-end customer journey that builds value over time. It's surprising how the evolution of marketing technology adapts to the needs of complex and dynamic customers.

Real-Time Marketing is also about compliance and accessibility. The Dynamics 365 ensures marketers that they are using a platform aligned with international standards. It remains resilient in times of rapid changes, transforming the landscape of customer interaction in the digital age.

Learn about Real-Time Marketing with Dynamics 365: Customer Insights & Journey Tutorial

The main topic of this text is a tutorial on Real-Time Marketing with Dynamics 365, specifically focusing on Customer Insights & Journey. The beginners can learn how to use the main features such as creating segments and triggers, emails and text messages, and how to create a personalized communications journey. The text also emphasizes the benefits brought by AI and natural language input auto-suggestions in creating trigger-based journeys to engage customers which help in winning customer loyalty faster. The importance of personalizing customer experiences with AI, and utilizing Customer Insights - Data segment and profile integration ways are also highlighted. The text then concludes with the process of using customer journeys to guide the members of a selected marketing segment through the buying process.


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