Excel Range or Table
Aug 25, 2023 6:30 AM

Excel Range or Table

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In this video, Allison shows the difference between a range of data and an actual Excel table. She goes over why you want to change your range to a table and ho

In the discussed video, Allison distinguishes between a range of data and an actual Excel table. She emphasizes the advantages of changing a data range into a table, as it aids in calculating, managing, and updating data smoothly. Notably, under certain circumstances, table formatting may not fit the requirements, and in such cases, you can easily transform a table into a normal data range without losing any data. The reverse is equally doable—transformation of a cell range into a functioning table when needed.

  • Excel ranges refer to any group of selected cells, defined by the reference of the top-left and bottom-right cell, such as A1:C6.
  • A table in Excel is a pre-formatted dynamic range of cells with a unique name.
  • Excel tables are considered advanced ranges with built-in functionalities like calculated columns, banded rows, sorting, and filtering.
  • Tables are dynamic in nature, meaning they automatically expand as additional data is added.

Deep Dive Into Excel Tables and Ranges

Although there's confusion among Excel users, particularly beginners, about the terms 'range' and 'table', it is important to discern the differences. Data input in a worksheet is considered a range, not a table, from Excel's perspective. A range in Excel implies any group of chosen cells, while a table is a structured, pre-formatted dynamic cell range with its unique name and various inbuilt functionality. Importantly, these tables are dynamic and automatically adjust as you add more data.

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Excel Range and Table are two important concepts to understand when working with Excel. A range is a group of selected cells that is defined by the reference of the top-left cell and the bottom-right cell. Tables, on the other hand, are structured and pre-formatted dynamic ranges of cells that have their own name. Tables are useful for managing, calculating, and updating data, and they also have inbuilt functions such as calculated columns, banded rows, sorting and filtering. When new data is added, a table automatically expands. To convert a range to a table, select the range of cells and then click the “Insert” tab and “Table” button. To convert a table back to a range, right-click on the table and select “Table” and “Convert to Range”. Understanding the differences between a range and table can help you streamline your workflow and make the most of Excel's features.

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