New: External Login Options in Microsoft Entra ID Preview
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May 6, 2024 9:00 PM

New: External Login Options in Microsoft Entra ID Preview

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Unlock New MFA Flexibility with Microsoft Entra IDs External Authentication Preview This May!

Key insights


  • External authentication methods in Microsoft Entra ID are scheduled for public preview in early May, allowing for integration with preferred multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions.
  • Deploying MFA significantly enhances security, with studies showing a reduction in compromise risk by more than 99.2%. Entra ID's external authentication methods support integrating any MFA solution to meet its requirements.
  • These methods are set to replace custom controls, offering industry-standard integration, consistent management with Entra methods, and support for a broad range of use cases.
  • External authentication methods can be used with Conditional Access Policies, Privileged Identity Management, Identity Protection, and Microsoft Intune, enhancing security and user experience.
  • At launch, several identity providers will support external authentication methods, and it's an open model where any provider can build an integration. A webinar on May 15 will offer more insights and demos.

Expanding Secure Access with External Authentication Methods in Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft announce that the public preview of external authentication methods in Microsoft Entra ID is coming soon. This new feature allows the use of your chosen multifactor authentication (MFA) solution with Entra ID. Deploying MFA is vital for securing user identities, significantly reducing the risk of compromise.

  • External authentication methods integrate with industry standards, supporting an open model.
  • These methods are managed similarly to Entra methods.
  • They are applicable for various Entra ID uses, including Privileged Identity Management (PIM) activation.

Greg Kinasewitz, Product Manager for Microsoft Entra ID, announced key capabilities of external authentication methods and partnership readiness. The aim is to allow organizations to use another MFA solution alongside Entra ID's features, such as Conditional Access and Identity Protection. This integration fulfills the need for more functionality and manageability.

  • External methods can be used to fulfill MFA requirements across different policies and registrations.
  • Users can choose these methods during sign-in, listing them alongside built-in options.
  • New integrations with identity providers at launch, with a standards-based open model for future expansions.

We are thrilled for you to start using external authentication methods to enhance user security. For more details on integrations, visit the Microsoft booth at the upcoming RSA Conference and join our webinar on May 15. Learn more about Microsoft Entra and how it helps prevent identity attacks and unify access controls across environments.

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, the importance of deploying robust MFA solutions cannot be overstated. Microsoft's initiative to allow integration with any MFA solution through Entra ID signifies a pivotal step towards customizable and sturdy security protocols. This flexibility, coupled with the replacement of custom controls, opens up new avenues for organizations to enhance their security landscape. It is interesting to note the emphasis on industry-standard integration, ensuring that organizations can leverage a variety of external authentication methods without compromising on compatibility or security standards. With this update, Microsoft not only caters to current security needs but also sets the stage for future innovations in identity and access management.

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Microsoft Entra - New: External Login Options in Microsoft Entra ID Preview


People also ask

What is Microsoft Entra external ID?

Microsoft Entra External ID is recognized as the next-generation platform for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). It marks a significant advancement in bringing together secure and captivating experiences for all external identities, which includes customers, partners, citizens, among others, under a unified, comprehensive platform.

What is the external guest ID in Entra?

The external guest ID in Entra facilitates seamless collaboration with external business associates through its B2B collaboration feature. This allows employees to extend invitations to external partners to log into the Microsoft Entra organization with their own credentials, thereby granting them access to specific applications and resources chosen for sharing.

How do I add an external user to my Entra ID?

To add an external user to your Entra ID, begin by accessing the Microsoft Entra admin center with a minimum of User Administrator rights. Navigate to the 'Identity' section, click on 'Users', then 'All users', and from there, select 'Invite external user' from the provided menu options.

What is Microsoft Entra ID in the authenticator app?

The inclusion of Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication enhances security by supplementing the use of mere passwords with additional authentication measures. This could entail a user being prompted to undertake further verification steps, such as responding to a push notification, entering a code obtained from a software or hardware token, or replying to a text message or phone call.



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