Optimize Support with Dynamics 365 Forecasting Tool
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Apr 10, 2024 7:38 PM

Optimize Support with Dynamics 365 Forecasting Tool

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Optimize Support with Dynamics 365 Forecasting: Predict Volumes & Manage Resources Efficiently

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  • Forecasting in Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps predict service volumes and agent demands, enabling more effective support resource management.
  • Forecast reports use historical data to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs, ensuring a positive customer experience.
  • The forecasting service incorporates service-level metrics like service level, shrinkage, and concurrency to align agent capacity with operational needs and customer satisfaction.
  • Improves prediction accuracy by comparing forecasts against actual data, facilitating adjustments to increase forecast precision.
  • The feature can automatically detect holidays based on historical patterns, aiding in adjusting service demand predictions across regions during holiday periods.

The implementation of forecasting in Dynamics 365 Customer Service marks a significant advancement in how organizations manage and predict their customer service needs. By leveraging historical data, this tool not only streamlines the planning process for staffing levels and resource allocation but also enhances service efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the ability to analyze service volumes and agent demands accurately, businesses can optimize their operations, reducing costs while maintaining high-quality customer interactions. Additionally, the automatic detection of holidays and the inclusion of service-level metrics ensure that forecasts are both accurate and aligned with the organization's objectives and constraints. This technology represents a forward-thinking approach to customer service, providing the tools needed to anticipate and meet the needs of both the business and its customers with greater precision.

Exploring the Future of Customer Service with Dynamics 365 Forecasting

Predict and manage support needs with forecasting in Dynamics CRM Customer Service. Forecasting predicts service volumes and agent demands, helping you to direct your support resources more effectively.

  • Forecast reports offer a structured way to predict support needs for your organization, using historical data as a basis.
  • They help streamline your operations, boosting efficiency and lowering costs while preserving a positive customer experience.
  • You can use forecast reports to plan staffing levels and other resource allocation based on predicted case and conversation volumes, as well as predicted agent demand for conversations.

Incorporating service-level metrics, the forecasting service uses operational metrics to predict agent demand. By considering factors like service level, shrinkage, and concurrency, organizations can ensure that the agent ability forecast aligns with service-level agreements and operational constraints.

  • Improving prediction accuracy is feasible by comparing your service volume and agent demand forecasts against actual performance data.
  • Auto-detection of holidays by our forecasting model uses historical traffic patterns to lead to more precise predictions.

To use this feature, open the Customer Service admin center and select Insights > Report settings. You must have an active license in the CRM software Customer Service to use the forecast service. This feature is available now to all its users.


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