PowerPoint Morph   Photo Blow Up Trick
Jun 28, 2023 9:00 AM

PowerPoint Morph Photo Blow Up Trick

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Design a Creative Photo Intro slide with this PowerPoint Morph tutorial.

PowerPoint Morph Photo Blow Up Trick

PowerPoint's Morph transition effect is a tool that provides a seamless animation between two slides. The idea is that you duplicate a slide and then modify the objects on the second slide. When you apply the Morph transition, PowerPoint will automatically animate the changes between the two slides, creating a smooth transition effect.

The "Photo Blow Up Trick" typically refers to the technique of enlarging an object (like a photo or a part of a photo) using the Morph transition. Here's a simplified example of how to do this:

Create Your Base Slide: Begin by creating a slide with the photo you want to blow up. This will be the starting point of your animation.

Duplicate Your Slide: Next, duplicate the slide you've just created. You can do this by right-clicking on the slide in the sidebar and selecting 'Duplicate Slide'.

Enlarge the Photo: On the duplicate slide, select the photo or the part of the photo you want to blow up and enlarge it. You can do this by selecting the photo and dragging its corners. To maintain the aspect ratio of the photo while resizing, hold down the 'Shift' key while dragging the corners.

Apply the Morph Transition: Now, go to the Transitions tab in the top menu and click on 'Morph'. This should apply the Morph transition to the duplicate slide.

When you play the presentation, PowerPoint will automatically animate the enlargement of the photo from the original slide to the duplicate slide, creating a 'blow up' effect. This can be a very effective way to focus the viewer's attention on a specific part of an image.

In this PowerPoint Morph tutorial, you'll learn how to design a creative photo intro slide by implementing the Photo Blow Up Trick. This technique is perfect for creating eye-catching and engaging introductions for your presentations, allowing you to stand out and captivate your audience. By utilizing the PowerPoint Morph feature, you can achieve professional-level results and transform your presentations into visually appealing works of art.

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This tutorial teaches how to design a creative photo intro slide using PowerPoint Morph. This video covers products from the Presentation Process, such as the Comprehensive All In One PowerPoint Templates Bundle 2.0, Ramgopals PowerPoint Mastery Training Program, as well as other products and tools that are recommended. It also covers video editing software, thumbnails and graphic design, and short online courses. By the end of this tutorial, viewers should have learned how to create a creative photo intro slide using PowerPoint Morph.


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