PowerBI on the Mac with Microsoft Fabric
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Jun 8, 2023 9:00 AM

PowerBI on the Mac with Microsoft Fabric

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Use your browser to edit your Power BI dataset within Microsoft Fabric

Learn about Use your browser to edit your Power BI dataset within Microsoft Fabric


Now you can edit your Power BI dataset within Microsoft Fabric. With the latest addition, Mac users can now enjoy the same editing capabilities! Emily joins us to give us more details about the Power BI Service (Preview) that will enable you to edit your data model. With the help of Power BI, you can transform your data models for greater insights. Learn more about the service on the Power BI Blog or the Microsoft Learn page. Connect with Emily on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated. Guy in a Cube also offers training courses that will help you to take your Power BI skills to the next level.

Microsoft has introduced the ability to edit data models on the web in Power BI Service, a feature that previously was only available in Power BI Desktop. This new feature, currently in preview, allows users to edit relationships, create DAX measures, and manage row-level security (RLS). This is considered a first step towards achieving feature parity between the Desktop and Service versions of Power BI.



The feature is automatically activated for datasets stored in a user's workspace. To use it in a collaborative workspace, the Workspace level preview switch needs to be enabled. Once activated, users can enter the experience by selecting 'Open data model' for their dataset in various locations.

The current preview version seeks to collect user feedback and encourages users to try a number of features including creating and editing measures, calculated columns, tables, relationships, defining RLS rules, and creating new reports.

Changes made in the data model are automatically saved and cannot be undone. To edit a data model in the service, a user must have write and build dataset permissions. Power BI administrators have the ability to enable or disable data model editing for the whole organization or specific groups. They can also monitor editing operations through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and assess the impact on Power BI Premium capacities using the Premium metrics app.

Some limitations and known issues with the new feature include unsupported datasets, issues with layout persistence across sessions, as well as functional and accessibility gaps. These are documented for users' convenience. Further information and a chance to leave feedback can be found in their documentation and feedback forum.



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