PowerApps - Stop use Forms
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May 16, 2023 5:00 PM

PowerApps - Stop use Forms

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Why I use patch more then a PowerApps Forms

PowerApps is a suite of tools provided by Microsoft that allows users to create custom business applications for mobile and web without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Form in PowerApps is a screen where you can create, view, or edit a record from a data source, such as SharePoint, SQL Server, or others. There are three types of forms you can use in PowerApps:

  1. Edit form: This type of form is used to edit or create a record in the data source. It automatically generates fields based on the data source's columns.
  1. Display form: This type of form is used to view a record's details. It cannot be used to edit or create records.
  1. New form: This is similar to the Edit form, but it's specifically used to create new records.

The Patch function in PowerApps is used to modify specific records in a data source or to create new records. The general syntax of the Patch function is:

Patch(DataSource, BaseRecord, ChangeRecord1, ChangeRecord2, ..., ChangeRecordN)

  • DataSource: This is the data source that you want to modify.
  • BaseRecord: This is the record that you want to modify. If you're creating a new record, you can use the Defaults(DataSource) function.
  • ChangeRecord: These are the changes that you want to make to the base record. You can have multiple change records.

The Patch function is very powerful and flexible. For example, you can use it to update a single field in a record, update multiple fields in a record, or even create a new record from scratch.