Comprehensive Guide: Master Power Virtual Agent in a Day
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Power Virtual Agents
Sep 15, 2022 6:00 AM

Comprehensive Guide: Master Power Virtual Agent in a Day

by HubSite 365 about Holger Imbery - (The Cognitive Services Ninja)

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Become a Power Virtual Agent pro in a day! Explore our Microsoft expert-curated link list and educate yourself to success!

Holger Imbery, the Cognitive Services Ninja, highly recommends attending a "Power Virtual Agent in a Day" (PVAinaDay) workshop for those beginning their journey with Power Virtual Agents. These seminars give participants hands-on experience in designing and developing a chatbot within a single day. However, there are still numerous facets to explore post the workshop. Hence, Holger has curated a detailed list of articles and external sources to help become a proficient bot keeper.

The comprehensive course enables attendees to review the prerequisites and setup process for the bot. They learn how to build their first chatbot, experiment with topic suggestions, enhance chatbots using entities and variables, integrate bots with other Microsoft Power Platform products, understand the authentication process, and share the bot with the group using Microsoft Teams. You can find more details about the events here.

The PVAinaDay program offers several modules, including but not limited to, planning your first chatbot, creating your first bot, writing in unified authoring, and building Power Automate flows. The suggested curriculum is applicable both for instructor-led courses or as a self-study guide.

The curated list Holger provides acts as a roadmap for mastering AI assistants. There are articles about Multilingual Chatbots, Transforming AI skills, Reviewing PowerFX, Find Online Content-Based Topic Suggestions, and Creating Powerful conversational bots. Furthermore, he extends insights into integrating these AI assistants with Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

The final part of his guide deals with the utilization of Power Virtual Agents along with Dynamics Customer Service. It includes specific articles on text chat automation, voice chat automation, call recording & transcription for voice bots, real-time translation in text chats, and effortless client detection.

Expanding Scope of Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents continue to be a part of Microsoft's growing Power Platform. The Power Virtual Agents in a Day workshop could be the ideal starting point for your exploratory journey into this domain. However, the panorama of Power Virtual Agents extends much beyond, offering several features and integrations. The curated list provided is a one-stop solution bringing all exciting articles under one roof for an enhanced understanding.

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Power Virtual Agents - Comprehensive Guide: Master Power Virtual Agent in a Day

Learn about Power Virtual Agent in a Day - a curated link list

The "Power Virtual Agent in a Day" workshop comes highly recommended for those aspiring to master Microsoft's Power Virtual Agents technology. Taking part in this workshop enables one to use a proven script that allows effective interaction among participants. This workshop has recently adopted a new curriculum by Microsoft.


Intensive learning can be achieved through the "Power Virtual Agent in a Day" curriculum regardless of whether it's being taught by an instructor. However, it's certain that more knowledge can be gleaned after the workshop. To aid in this journey, I've put together an assembled list of different links to my articles and third-party sources. This will help you in your odyssey to becoming adept at managing Power Virtual Agent bots.

What the Workshop Covers

This course provides hands-on experience in conversational bot creation within a day. Participants will learn numerous points including bot's prerequisites and setup process, chatbot development, interaction with topic suggestions, enhancement of bots by using entities and variables, integration of bots with other Microsoft Power Platform products, understanding the authentication process, and bot sharing via Microsoft Teams. More details and booking can be found here.

Training Content and Modules

This module provides practical activities on Microsoft Power Platform, focusing on the Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate. It's designed for use in conjunction with the Power Virtual Agent in a Day instructor-led course and also as a self-study course. The links to the modules are:

What Comes After The Power Agents Course?

Upon completion of the Power Virtual Agents 101 series, you'd have access to an abundance of informative articles on creating multilingual chatbots, AI assistant transformation, and bots creation using Natural Language Understanding and Custom Entities. All of these can be found here.

What are the Next Steps with Dynamics Customer Service?

Upon completion of the Power Virtual Agents with Dynamics 101 series, you'd have access to numerous comprehensive articles which will provide information such as, automation with text chat and voice bots, call recording and transcription configuration for voice bots and agent dialogues, text chats' real-time translation, and clients detection in conversations. These articles can be found here.


The Microsoft Power Virtual Agents are continuously evolving as part of Microsoft's Power Platform. The Power Virtual Agents in a Day workshop is an ideal starting point on this journey, but exploration is the key to gaining further knowledge. This list has been specially compiled to bring together all fascinating articles on a single page and open up the thriving world of Microsoft's Power Agent technology to you.

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