ChatGPT Wave Reflections on Power Platform: A Study
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Sep 26, 2023 1:55 PM

ChatGPT Wave Reflections on Power Platform: A Study

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Explore 2023s Power Platform innovations with ChatGPT insights on staying updated on Microsofts latest products.

In the blog post authored by Carina M. Claesson [MVP], she discusses the revelations of Microsoft's Power Platform Wave updates and her interplay with the AI-based conversation model, ChatGPT. Claesson expresses her thoughts on the broader perspective of product news, the importance of staying updated, and discusses if reading the release plans suffices and where else you can acquire knowledge about what's new and upcoming. She also brings to attention how ChatGPT could assist you in staying updated.

A significant part of the blog post revolves around Claesson's interaction with ChatGPT, an AI platform known for generating human-like text based on the input it receives. She brings up the popular question of how to keep oneself updated with Power Platform? The AI model's response was close to what Claesson herself could suggest, highlighting the importance of monitoring official blogs, actively participating in online communities and forums, attending virtual events, webinars and tutorials along with keeping a tab on the release waves and its associated plans.

Throughout her write-up, Claesson pointedly highlights the potential of ChatGPT as well as its limitations. Although impressed by the AI model's response to one of her queries, she also observes its lack of awareness regarding the Power Platform 2023 release wave 1, that happened two days prior. This discrepancy she attributes to ChatGPT being last updated in 2021, hence lacking newer information.

In summary, while technology and AI like ChatGPT can provide useful insights and responses, keeping oneself updated with Power Platform’s newest advancements requires humans to follow numerous outlets, engaging in community discussions, staying on top of official blogs and also participating in relevant virtual events. Emphasizing on this, Claesson plans to delve deeper into some of the AI's suggestions in her subsequent blog posts.

The detailed interaction between Carina M. Claesson and ChatGPT can be found in the full blog post here.

AI and Machine Learning in a Broader Context

AI and Machine Learning are revolutionizing the way humans interact with technology. These advancements in technology not only replicate human-like responses but also learn and adapt based on the inputs provided to them. However, as we move into an era of rapid technological advancements, it is pivotal to remember that AI is a tool that complements human effort and not a substitute. Its capabilities while vast, are also curtailed by the data it has been trained on, as manifested by the limitations of ChatGPT. Thus, while AI continues to advance and evolve, active human involvement in staying informed and updated cannot be overlooked.

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AI + Machine Learning - ChatGPT Wave Reflections on Power Platform: A Study

Learn about Power Platform Wave Reflections with ChatGPT

The Power Platform Wave 2023 allows you to stay abreast with cutting-edge features and enhancements, yielding a method to engage with a broader perspective on product updates. Keeping yourself updated is crucial, and the question arises, is consulting the release plans enough to stay informed? What other resources can we tap into for staying updated? Let's take a trip down the fascinating realm of ChatBot GPT and how it helps us stay updated.

ChatBot GPT, a popular name in the realm of OpenAI, provides a unique take on staying updated. Having experimented with this bot, it yields interesting results. The bot is capable of answering questions in the domain of creating Dataverse plugins, apps, and flows. It's been a topic of various posts and videos.

A session on ChatGPT in Power Platform conducted by Microsoft is also on the anvil, where the aim is to get the best out of OpenAI in Power Platform. A simple question to the bot - 'How do I stay updated around Power Platform?', yields a manifold answer.


  • Monitor the official blogs; more than one of them may offer crucial insights.
  • Follow relevant social media accounts.
  • Tune in to the content on the Power Platform's YouTube channel.
  • Participate in online communities and forums.
  • Attend virtual events and webinars.
  • Read articles, tutorials, and attend courses.
  • Look up the release wave plans.

What makes this bot interesting is the close relations of its recommendations to what a human expert could suggest. However, as a bot, it does have its drawbacks - it failed to generate a summary for Power Platform 2023 release wave 1 due to its last data update only covering up until 2021.

Stay up-to-date by heeding to ChatBot GPT's suggestions, learning from online communities, and attending virtual meetups. Synchronizing with technology applauses such as AI and Machine Learning, let's explore this technology and stay informed about Power Platform updates. Thus, the cycle of release, learn, and implement keeps flowing, making platforms like Microsoft's Power platform more powerful and user-friendly.

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Power Platform Wave Reflections with ChatGPT
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