Top 10 Must-Know Features: Power Platform 2024 Wave 1
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Jan 29, 2024 10:00 AM

Top 10 Must-Know Features: Power Platform 2024 Wave 1

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Power Platform Wave 1 2024 unveils a plethora of new features and enhancements across its suite, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, Microsoft Copilot Studio, and AI Builder. These updates aim to streamline app development, enhance automation, and leverage advanced AI capabilities to promote efficiency and innovation.

  • Integration of Copilot in Power Apps accelerates app development with AI and natural language, making the creation of modern, responsive apps more intuitive and collaborative.

  • Power Pages benefit from interactive Copilot support, enriching website building with intelligent design, content editing, and robust security and accessibility checks.

  • Power Automate introduces Copilot capabilities to optimize process mining and automation, simplifying the management of automation workflows with natural language processing.

  • Microsoft Copilot Studio is expanding its generative AI capabilities, including integration with OpenAI GPT models and the introduction of new channels such as WhatsApp.

  • AI Builder’s focus on prompt builder for GPT prompts, intelligent document processing, and AI governance advancements empowers users with generative AI, improves document processing efficiency, and enhances governance.

Notably, the early access period starting on February 5, 2024, offers customers and partners a golden opportunity to test the latest features in a non-production setting, ensuring seamless adoption in production environments by April 2024. Users are encouraged to engage with and provide feedback on these updates through community forums, fostering a collaborative improvement process.

Exploring the Evolution and Impact of Power Platform Updates

The Power Platform Wave 1 2024 release heralds a significant step forward in Microsoft's mission to democratize app development and automation for businesses worldwide. By enhancing the Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Pages platforms with advanced AI capabilities and more intuitive user experiences, Microsoft not only simplifies the technology's usage but also unlocks new possibilities for innovation. The integration of Copilot across these platforms demonstrates a commitment to leveraging AI to facilitate more efficient and effective app development and process automation, empowering users to achieve more with less effort.

In a recent YouTube video, Lisa Crosbie highlights the Wave 1 2024 updates for the Power Platform. She discusses essential features coming to Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, Microsoft Copilot Studio, and AI Builder. According to Crosbie, these updates will significantly boost productivity and innovation for users.

The video specifies that the information is accurate as of its recording date, January 28, 2024. However, Crosbie advises viewers to stay updated with any changes by consulting the Microsoft Release planner. This proactive approach ensures users can adapt to any adjustments in the release schedule.

Lisa Crosbie introduces the release plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, covering new capabilities from April to September 2024. The update signifies a leap in digital transformation efforts, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to enhancing user experiences and productivity through innovative app development, automation, and advanced AI features.

Through the Microsoft Release planner, users can explore Dynamics 365 and Power Platform enhancements with ease. This tool provides flexibility for users to customize their view of the release plans, allowing for efficient organization and planning. This feature underscores the emphasis on providing a user-friendly experience for navigating through the release updates.

The 2024 release wave introduces multiple improvements across Dynamics 365 applications. These enhancements span across sales, customer service, field service, finance, supply chain management, project operations, guides, human resources, commerce, business central, and customer insights. Each application is set to benefit from advancements that streamline operations, improve user experiences, and leverage Copilot capabilities.

For instance, Dynamics 365 Sales will see a boost in customer understanding and sales productivity, thanks to enhanced data insights and AI-driven features. Similarly, Dynamics 365 Customer Service is gearing up to empower agents with better tools and Copilot integration for more efficient service delivery. These examples highlight the breadth of improvements users can anticipate in the Wave 1 2024 release.

On the Power Platform side, Crosbie discusses the emphasis on integrating Copilot into Power Apps, Power Pages, and Power Automate. These integrations are aimed at accelerating app and website development, as well as automating processes more seamlessly. For example, Power Apps will enhance app development with AI and natural language processing, making it easier for users to build and manage applications.

Furthermore, AI Builder is set for significant investment, focusing on prompt builder for GPT prompts, intelligent document processing, and AI governance improvements. This progress points to a stronger, more governed approach towards using AI within the platform, enhancing both productivity and compliance.

Lastly, the early access period starting on February 5, 2024, is an opportunity for users to explore these new features in a non-production environment. This enables better planning and preparedness for the deployment of these enhancements in production settings. Crosbie's video encourages users to participate in this early access to leverage the latest updates effectively.

An important aspect of the Power Platform updates is the comprehensive approach to enhancing user experiences across multiple applications. Microsoft continues to invest in areas that promise to improve productivity, streamline operations, and empower users with advanced AI capabilities. These enhancements are not just about new features; they signify a move towards more integrated, intelligent, and user-centric applications that can drive significant business value and support digital transformation efforts.

Understanding the Wave 1 2024 Release for Power Platform and Dynamics 365

The Wave 1 2024 release brings a suite of features and upgrades to the Power Platform, aiming to enhance the digital experience for users and developers alike. This release underscores Microsoft's commitment to fostering innovation, streamlining workflows, and pushing the boundaries of what businesses can achieve. Highlighting the incorporation of AI utilities, including Copilot across various applications, this release sets a new standard for intelligent app development and automation.

On the Dynamics 365 front, enhancements across sales, customer service, finance, and more represent Microsoft's holistic approach to improving business processes. Each application is getting smarter and more user-friendly, whether through advanced data analytics, streamlined operations, or integrated Copilot functionalities. This evolution reflects an understanding of the critical role of digital tools in driving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The focus on AI and automation is particularly noteworthy, with applications like AI Builder receiving investments to enhance document processing and governance. These advances in AI application signal a shift towards more efficient, secure, and intelligent automation solutions that can adapt to a wide range of business needs.

For developers and IT professionals, the introduction of new tools and capabilities within the Power Platform showcases Microsoft's dedication to empowering creators. From app development with Power Apps to automating workflows with Power Automate, the enhancements aim to reduce complexity and increase agility in building digital solutions.

Lastly, the importance of the early access period cannot be overstated. This phase is critical for organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve by testing and integrating new features into their digital ecosystems ahead of the full rollout. It represents a proactive step towards embracing change and securing a competitive advantage through technological innovation.

In summary, the Wave 1 2024 release for the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 is positioned to significantly impact how businesses approach digital transformation. With a focus on AI, automation, and user-centric improvements, Microsoft continues to lead the way in creating a more connected, efficient, and intelligent digital future.

Power Platform - Top 10 Must-Know Features: Power Platform 2024 Wave 1


People also ask

What are the 4 components of Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is comprised of 4 main components - Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. Additionally, it integrates with other tools such as Dataflex Pro (Common Data Services), AI Builder, and UI Flow (which falls under Automate) for a more comprehensive solution.

Is Power Platform worth learning?

The Power Platform offers significant opportunities to enhance productivity through automation. Specifically, Power Automate enables the creation of automated workflows for recurring tasks, facilitating more efficient use of resources and boosting productivity overall.

What is the future of Power Platform?

As forecasted by Gartner®, "By the year 2026, 75 percent of new applications will be built using low-code development tools." Professionals are increasingly leaning into Microsoft Power Platform to craft these applications, highlighting its role in shaping the future of application development.

What can you do with Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform serves as a versatile tool for businesses, allowing for the analysis of data through Power BI, creation of low-code solutions to overcome business hurdles via Power Apps, streamlining of processes without the need for coding through Power Automate, and handling of routine enquiries at scale with the aid of conversational AI through Power Virtual Agents.



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