Conclusion: Complete Guide to Power Platform DLP Series
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Nov 18, 2023 2:00 AM

Conclusion: Complete Guide to Power Platform DLP Series

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Master Microsoft Copilot & Power Platform DLP intricacies to build secure, efficient apps while safeguarding valuable enterprise data!

Concluding the Power Platform DLP Series, this guide emphasizes the importance and sustained presence of Copilot in our tech ecosystem. It highlights the need for a balanced focus on Power Platform Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Copilot. The fusion of these tools presents a pivotal moment for governance and innovation, stressing their coexistence.



Creating apps and automations is easier than ever with Copilot, lowering the entry barrier for both new and experienced creators. However, DLP becomes increasingly vital with such ease of creation. Before delving into the innovative world of app and workflow creation with Copilot, it's crucial to have protective DLP strategies in place.

Illustrating with a straightforward example, the article demonstrates Copilot's capability to promptly offer construction options. Nonetheless, the danger of data breaches is just as immediate, underscoring the urgency of having a tenant-wide DLP policy to protect data when crafting Copilot-powered solutions.

As the series wraps up, it's clear that Power Platform administration needs more focus and dedicated resources. Combining multiple roles, the Power Platform administrator's duty is to oversee key functions like DLP, which calls for continuous review and strategic deployment. The fundamental role DLP plays, coupled with environment management, underscores this necessity.

The article argues for equivalent recognition and resources for Power Platform administrators, akin to traditional IT roles that have carried into the cloud era. Especially in an age where AI-driven development with Copilot could lead to significant technical debt, administration roles are critical.

There's a gap in collective knowledge when it comes to the guardrails of the Power Platform ecosystem. As seasoned creators step into consultancy roles, an understanding of the wider ecosystem including DLP policies, data strategies, and governance becomes more crucial. It's essential for everyone to be accountable for data security and sharpen consultancy skills in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Contributing factors to the knowledge gap include incomplete learning materials, a fascination with new features over governance functions, and a scarcity of shared real-world experiences. The author hopes this DLP series will bridge this gap and encourage better understanding and practices around Power Platform DLP.

Reiterating the intent behind this series, the author's aim has been to fill the knowledge void and help others navigate DLP more effectively. The consultative angle has been a focal point, promoting a secure application of Power Platform tools. Data loss prevention strategies are outlined as fundamental steps for utilizing Power Platform tools securely, which apply to both DLP and Copilot.

  • Understanding DLP: Essential knowledge for using Power Platform safely.
  • Tenant Isolation: A preventive measure against cross-tenant data movement.
  • Connector Review: Monitoring and assessing connectors via the CoE Starter Kit for secure usage.
  • Define Strategy: Crafting multiple tailored DLP policies based on environment needs.
  • Impact Assessment: Utilizing the CoE Kit to gauge the implications of DLP policies and planning accordingly.
  • Policy Creation: Categorizing connectors and exploring features for refined data protection.

Exploring Power Automate and DLP Policies

In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, Power Automate provides a powerful tool for building automated workflows. This post by Craig White dives into the concluding thoughts on implementing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies alongside developing applications using AI tools like Copilot. Understanding and applying DLP policies are crucial for safeguarding your organization's data and maintaining the necessary guardrails in an increasingly AI-driven environment. A strategic approach to these policies will support a secure and controlled development process, empowering creators to innovate responsibly within the Power Platform.


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Power Automate - Conclusion: Complete Guide to Power Platform DLP Series

Learn about Microsoft Copilot

The automation solution, Copilot, is here to stay and is continuing to gain strength in its operations.

However, it is crucial to ensure that Copilot coexists with the Power Platform DLP, balancing both aspects as equally significant.

This blog post explicates the ease with which applications and flows can be created using Copilot and the indispensable role of Power Platform DLP for the same.

Preparing for Copilot

In order to bring down the entry-level hurdle, Copilot has enabled both new and current creators to start quickly, which is an encouraging development. Despite the elation, it is also crucial to have Power Platform DLP established before creators start to create Copilot-dependent apps and flows.

The main point here is to ensure that a company-wide Power Platform DLP policy is implemented as soon as possible, to provide the right guardrails for your creators so they can safely navigate and build applications and workflows.

Providing Resources to Administrators

As we conclude this series, the spotlight turns on the importance of administrating Power Platform. Existing administrative resources of Power Platform often operate in dual roles, juggling between various functions such as development, product management, architecture, and administration.

DLP for Power Platform is an extensive task in itself, necessitating constant review and strategic planning to ensure creators are continuously moving in the right direction. Organizing administrators is now a compelling need, given the rise of potential data breaches due to the accelerated migration to cloud services.

Filling Knowledge Gaps

The increasing lack of knowledge about Power Platform guardrails is becoming more predominant. As the Copilot-driven era dawns, upgrading our consultancy skills hones our attention toward aspects such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), data modeling, security, strategies, guardrails, governance, and evangelization.

Everyone's responsibility now spans ensuring business data is secure and accessible only to authorized personnel. The need for tenant isolation and the use of a tenant-wide baseline DLP policy is clearer than ever before.

Series Recap

The primary aim of this series was to bridge the knowledge gap. The attention was drawn to the importance of keeping your enterprise data secure, especially for Power Platform, which implies the application of data loss prevention policies across all environments.

A logical sequence is provided to guarantee the safe use of Power Platform tools, with or without Copilot. To summarize in brief, that includes understanding Power Platform DLP, emphasizing tenant isolation, reviewing connector usage, defining strategy, assessing impacts, and creating policies.

Note: The original blog post includes links to numerous articles and resources that can provide more in-depth information on each step in the sequence.

Looking Ahead on The Power Platform

Embracing Power Platform, particularly with integrated tools such as Copilot, presents a plethora of opportunities for streamlining tasks and making workflows more efficient. Equipped with the right knowledge, strategy and a secure approach, businesses can fully exploit the immense capacities of this platform, reinforcing security and productivity in the organisation.


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