Power Fx: From Formula Columns to Column Level Rollup Logic
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Jul 27, 2023 2:00 PM

Power Fx: From Formula Columns to Column Level Rollup Logic

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Microsoft's Power Platform is making remarkable strides in the field of data management and low-code application development. Their efforts are geared towards i

Microsoft's Power Platform is significantly enhancing data management and low-code application development, focusing on the improvement of Power Fx. In their latest release, wave 2 for 2023, it demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to enriching this area.

  • Power Fx: From Formula Columns to Column Level Rollup Logic
  • The wave 2 2023 release emphasizes the advancement of Power Fx.

Microsoft's Power Platform continues to revolutionize data management and low-code application development. Notably, the 2023 wave 2 release brings major enhancements to Power Fx, improving Formula Columns and introducing column-level rollup logic on Dataverse. 

Power Fx and Its Role in Dataverse

Microsoft Power Fx, launched in 2021, democratized the application-building process by leveraging an Excel-like syntax to simplify complex coding requirements. It's integral to Microsoft's Power Platform and Dataverse. Power Fx provides the language for customizing, extending, and interacting with data in the Dataverse, covering areas like logic definition, data filtering, and automation



Formula Columns in Dataverse

Power Fx's integration with Dataverse led to the creation of Formula Columns. These columns, akin to calculated columns in Excel or SQL, contain values computed based on formulas or expressions. Users without programming expertise can easily create these calculations, aligning with Microsoft's low-code/no-code solutions initiative.

Enhancements to Formula Columns

Microsoft planned enhancements for Formula Columns to add capabilities not currently supported. These include:

  • Creation of currency columns.
  • Support for date and time with user local and time zone.
  • Support for choice columns.
  • Ability to set precisions for decimals.

These improvements aim to replace the classic calculated columns feature. The public preview is planned for September 2023, with general availability in December 2023.

Power Fx for Column Level Rollup Logic

In a pursuit of excellence, Microsoft has developed a feature to create rollup columns using Power Fx. These columns can be utilized in numerous ways, like computing total sales or determining average ratings based on customer feedback. The feature will be released in stages, beginning with addressing current parity and then releasing synchronous rollups for real-time updates. Public preview is set for January 2024, and the full release is expected in March 2024.

Microsoft Power Platform and Power Fx continue to transform business application development and data management. Businesses can streamline their digital transformation by simplifying calculations and data manipulation. For the most reliable and up-to-date information, refer to official Microsoft documentation or news releases.

Further Insights on Microsoft's Power Fx

Power Fx is a powerful tool within Microsoft's Power Platform that aids in boosting the efficacy of data management and low-code application development. This innovation is continually advancing, as highlighted by its latest release, wave 2 for 2023. This launch notably includes enhancements to Power Fx, taking it from formula columns to column-level rollup logic. With these developments, Microsoft continues to underscore its commitment to offering solutions that drive efficiency and streamline operations.


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Learn about Power Fx: From Formula Columns to Column Level Rollup Logic


Power Fx is part of Microsoft's Power Platform, a suite of data management and low-code application development tools. The latest release, Wave 2 for 2023, introduces new features such as formula columns and column level rollup logic. Formula columns allow users to quickly configure and modify data fields for calculations, while column level rollup logic provides the ability to perform calculations at the column level. Additionally, Power Fx also offers the ability to create calculated fields, build relationships between data sources, and perform calculations across multiple data sets. Power Fx also provides an intuitive user interface, which simplifies the process of building data models and setting up calculations. Furthermore, Power Fx also includes a visual language called Power Fx Formula Language (PFFL), designed to make it easier to write and understand formulas. PFFL also includes features such as variables, functions, and operators, allowing users to create complex calculations. Power Fx also provides a range of features and services to help organizations develop custom applications, such as the ability to create custom actions, integrate with existing applications, and create automated workflows. Additionally, Power Fx also includes features for managing and deploying applications, such as the ability to create and deploy Power Apps, and the ability to deploy Power Automate flows. Overall, Power Fx provides a comprehensive set of features and services for developing and deploying data models, applications, and processes. With its intuitive user interface, powerful calculation capabilities, and integration with existing applications, Power Fx is a powerful tool for business users, developers, and IT teams.

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