Hiding Pages in Power BI Reports Effectively
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Sep 29, 2023 8:05 AM

Hiding Pages in Power BI Reports Effectively

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Understand the security limits of hiding pages in Power BI reports and learn alternatives for data protection as a Microsoft expert.

Author Marc Lelijveld discusses frequently held misconceptions about hiding pages in Power BI reports, primarily used for security reasons. Lelijveld emphasizes that this security strategy can actually be bypassed easily through URL manipulation or with straightforward clicks. For more details, refer to here.

Hiding pages is a user-friendly feature that allows for better navigation, but is not a foolproof security measure. The page left open upon publishing will be the default visible page for users. The author strongly advises against using page hiding as a form of security, as it’s misleading – these pages can still be accessed easily.

Users can uncover and access hidden pages in variety of ways. The methods highlighted include right-clicking for report server reports, URL finagling aimed at Power BI Reports, and making use of APIs to find specific ReportSection GUIDS.

  • The standard page navigation feature for Power BI Desktop retains its popularity. However, to access it in Power BI Service, you must activate the navigation feature from the report settings.
  • URL alteration offers another avenue to locating hidden pages. The URL for a Power BI Report takes a specific format, and changing elements of this can reveal the hidden pages.
  • APIs also allows you to unearth hidden pages without having to write a single line of code.

Despite these loopholes, at present, Microsoft does not provide a page level security feature. A workaround could be building multiple reports atop the identical dataset, and controlling report visibility depending on user relevancy. This strategy also takes advantage of cross-report drill.

Key Considerations

Consider that two separate reports each carrying single pages would carry the same weight as a single report with twin pages. Crucially, security should be managed through legitimate security features such as row level security (RLS) and object level security (OLS). These methods offer significant data protection and restrict certain information.

To summarise, merely hiding a page cannot be considered robust security. Users can reveal hidden pages via different methods, showing that concealing pages is not enough. Proper security has to be exercised by employing RLS and OLS.

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Power BI - Guide to Hiding Pages in Power BI Reports Effectively

Learn about Power BI Reports: The Truth About Hiding Pages

The topic of this blog post is about managing pages in Power BI, specifically hiding pages and the security implications that come along with it. Understanding Power BI, a business analytics tool developed by Microsoft, and its many features is crucial for users aiming to maximize the use of this platform.

From the outset, it's worth noting that hiding pages in Power BI is not a security feature and can be easily bypassed. Some users may view this as a way to protect sensitive information. However, hidden pages can still be accessed by simple URL manipulation or by using the Reports-Get Pages API. Even the seemingly hidden default page can be uncovered. It's essential to keep this in mind when considering data security.

In order to hide a page in Power BI, you simply need a right-click on the page you wish to hide. This might be handy for various reasons, including hiding a tooltip page or a drill-through one. While these pages provide useful functionality, exposing them to all users might lead to confusion due to their specialized nature and often context-specific utilization.

Unfortunately, some users have adopted hiding pages as a pseudo-security measure. This practice is highly discouraged as it provides a false sense of safety. As mentioned earlier, hidden pages are not truly concealed. Let's explore some ways how users can find and access these hidden pages.

Firstly, in Power BI Report Server, hidden pages can be viewed simply with a right-click on the little arrows next to the page navigation tabs. Secondly, a simple tweak of the report URL may reveal hidden pages to the user. The Reports - Get Pages API can provide a list of all report pages and report sections simply by specifying the ReportId fetched from the URL.

Currently, page level security is not an option within Power BI. However, building multiple reports atop the same dataset can serve as an alternative. Combined with features like cross-report drill through, users can navigate from one report to a more detailed one with ease. Furthermore, row-level-security (RLS) and object-level-security (OLS) are Power BI's true security measures that ensure data safety from unauthorized access.

In conclusion, while Power BI provides options to hide pages, they are not meant to serve as security features. Hiding pages provides benefits primarily from a user experience perspective but does not provide any robust data security. It is advisable to fully utilize RLS and OLS for comprehensive data protection. Remember, just hiding a page is not enough!

For further qualification on this topic, one could look for training courses around Power BI security measures, data management in Power BI, and advanced features of Power BI. Short courses, webinars, and even focused sessions at Microsoft community events could further enhance understanding and practical knowledge on this topic.

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